Top Five Cities to Travel in India

Top Five Cities to Travel in India

India is a Country with different Traditions, Cultures and tastes. In this post, I will share top five cities to travel in India. Every different state in India has a unique language and style. Every city of India has an importance in the history. There are so many historic monuments, statues, political buildings, forts and religious places. Different foods, clothes and artifacts make India more interesting.

Here is the list of top five cities to travel in India.


Jaipur a city of Rajasthan(state) is one of the cities which represent the tradition more than anything. Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India because of the colours of the buildings in this city. Fragrance of the Indian spices can be felt in Jaipur everywhere. Camel and Elephant rides are the beauty of the travel in the city.

Jaipur India
Hawa Mahal

Places to Visit in Jaipur

‘Hawa Mahal’, ‘Jal Mahal’, ‘Amer Fort’, ‘Jantar Mantar’, ‘Jaigarh Fort’, ‘Nahargarh Fort’, ‘Albert Hall Museum’ and ‘Birla Mandir’ are the most amazing places to visit in Jaipur.

Famous Dishes of the City
’Dal Baati Churma’ and ‘Missi Roti’ are the famous dishes in Jaipur.

Language Spoken in Jaipur
Dhundari, Marwari and Hindi are the main languages spoken in Jaipur. Jaiput has Hot Semi-Aired climate with long summer days.

What to Buy in Jaipur
Hand Knotted Rugs are very popular in the world and these Rugs are made in Jaipur.


Agra is one of the oldest cities from India. Agra is from the time of Mahabharata. Older name of Agra is ‘Akbarabad’. This name is given by the Mughal emperors. After the Mughal Emperors this city came under the Marathas and named as Agra. Agra is situated at the banks of Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Many of the people from Agra are from Muslim community.

Taj Mahal Agra - Khalsa Labs
Taj Mahal

Places to visit in Agra
Agra is famous in the world for one of the seven wonders in the world ‘Taj Mahal’. Agra Fort is also a great and historic place to visit in India.

Famous Dishes of Agra
‘Petha’ is a famous sweet of Agra. Other street food items like Kachori, Samosa are also very famous at this place.

Language Spoken in Agra
Main languages used in Agra are Urdu, Hindi and English.

What to Buy in Agra
Marble artifacts are really eye catching things to get from Agra. Many of the people from Agra are working on marbles as their daily work. Such artifacts are quite unique and expensive because of the hard work done for the detailing of these designs.


Amritsar a city situated in Punjab. This city is established by the fourth guru of Sikhs – Shri Guru Ramdas Ji. Amritsar is a city of tradition, culture and spiritual feel. Amritsar is famous for the sacred place of Sikhs ‘The Golden Temple’. Amritsar is the main city for the Britishers in the older times as this is a main way to the regions of Pakistan. Amritsar is also a hub for all the freedom fighters in India history. Many of the major incidents of the freedom of India took place here. There are so many other Gurdwaras (Sikh Religious places) in Amritsar to visit and the major thing is that all are historic. Amritsar is one the favourite place of the tourists.

The Golden Temple - Khalsa Labs
The Golden Temple

Places to Visit in Amritsar

‘The Golden Temple’, famous and sacred place of Sikhs. It has world’s largest free kitchen which serves food 24×7 to visitors. Golden Temple is the most visited place by tourists in Amritsar.
‘The JalianWala Bagh’ is another mostly visited place by tourists in Amritsar. This place is near The Golden Temple. It is a historical place also. ‘Durgiana Mandir’ in Amritsar is also famous temple to visit. ‘Wagah Border’ is really amazing to see in the evening. Parade of both the Pakistan and Indian soldiers can be seen there.

Famous Dishes of Amritsar
Amritsar is famous for the food available there. ‘Amritsari Kulcha’, ‘Amritsari Naan’ and ‘Lassi’ is very delicious to have.

What to Buy in Amritsar
Embroidery of Amritsar is also famous in the world. Sikh Artifacts and a variety of Sikh Literature could be purchased from Amritsar as its sacred city for Sikhs.



Delhi is capital union territory of India. New Delhi capital of India is also a part of Delhi. Delhi is place where Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs are the main population. Delhi is famous for food and the Historic monuments. In Delhi there are so many different stadiums where different games and leagues are played. Due to historic monuments it is one of cities to travel in India.

Places to Visit in Delhi
Red-Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, India gate and Parliament House. Metro service in Delhi makes easier to travel to different places here. Yamuna River also flow through Delhi.

Famous Dishes of Delhi
In Delhi food is really delicious. Gol Gappe, Chole Bhature, Biryani, Lassi, Chaat & Samosa are the famous foods in Delhi.

What to Buy in Delhi
Delhi is one of the most populated cities in India. So many small and whole sale markets are already there to get the stuff at a very low price.



Mumbai known as Bombay in the older times is famous for the production of BollywoodMmovies. It is the main hub for the cinema in India. Mumbai is a very populated city. Because of the big industry and the sea shore so many people working in this city. There are so many monuments here.

Places to Visit in Mumbai
Gateway of India which is an amazing place to visit. One of the top most hotels of India, The Taj Hotel is in Mumbai. Film City is a place where most of the movies and shows are made. Most of the Bollywood actors live in Mumbai.

Languages Spoken in Mumbai
As Mumbai is a good place for tourism and offers different vibes of different cultures. Marathi is the main language of Mumbai. Hindi and English is also common languages in this city.

Famous Dishes of Mumbai
‘Vada pav’ and ‘bhel’ are the famous street foods of Mumbai that not to be missed. Mumbai trains are really popular for being crowded.

Economy of Mumbai
Economy of this city is very high due to the presence of film studios, businessmen houses, Stock Exchange and all the marine export and import.

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