Budget Traveling Tips To Travel In India

Budget Traveling Tips To Travel In India

India is a subcontinent in Asia and a country with vast cultures and traditions. These budget traveling tips could save you a fortune while traveling India. There are so many places to visit so many regional places, historical monuments, Stadiums, restaurants and some popular markets. As a traveler you must know that how you can control your budget when you travel in India. There are so many reasons that your budget can be more or less only with a few decisions.
The tips are related to traveling through different transportation having proper maintenance of your luggage and food to eat. Now we are going to discuss some tips which can make your trip in India with fewer budgets.

Choosing best way of transportation

In India you can travel through airplanes, metro, trains, taxi or you can get your own vehicle to travel when you are going to a complete country trip. Indian Railway is one of the major ways of transportation in India.

Our Choice of Transportation: Indian Railway
. As Indian Railway is the biggest railway network in the world. It will let you to visit it each and every place you want to visit in India with very much less cost.

Choice of Berth Class in Railway: Indian Railway first class cost you less than economy class airplane ticket. By choosing the right train to your destination will let you help in maintaining your budget. Indian Railway offers you best food to eat. When you are traveling on to a long distance there are sleeper coaches also available whenever the trip is more than one day. If you want to save the maximum amount then you can choose general class in the trains to travel. But be careful from the thieves in the trains. Your 
experience in the train will be less tired.

In City Travel:  
To travel inside city, one can use Rickshaws, Auto Rickshaws, City Buses or Uber.

Choosing right accommodation

Accommodation in one of the things which will let you keep everything in your budget in the bigger cities like Delhi and Bangalore you can find many different hotels and rooms which cost much more than your budget there are backpacker hotels or rooms are available in every city which can cost you up to 10 days equal to the one day in any other hotel. You can get enough and best food in very much less price in the backpacker hotels. These hotels will cost you near about Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 per night these hotels are very clean and hygienic. You’ll have no complain about the hygiene in the backpacker hotels. Sometime you can get amazing offers on some online hotel bookings don’t forget to check those. In villages small rooms are easily available in those rooms you can stay for more than one week or month.

Finding a place to eat

India is a country in which you’ll find delicious food on every Streets. To read about what are the top street food, refer to this post here. There are so many restaurants offering special dishes but try to find a place where the restaurant is have proper menus, as in India some restaurant owners are like this that if they finds that a foreigner is there then they can quote you much more than the real value of the food. There could be so many stalls on the roadside which can give you to best and cheaper food. So before choosing a place to eat be careful with the prices you can even compare price of one meal at 2-3 places which lead you to get best price for your meal. Also be careful with the hygiene of the place where you are going to eat your food.

Bargaining is the step to take in market

In India there are so many markets; small and the big ones where you can get really good stuff at very fair price but the thing is that you’ll see find different prices for the same thing in different markets. To get the most out of your shopping , try to follow these two budget traveling tips

Bargain with Seller

Bargain with the seller will lead you to get your thing at a fair price. In India, you can bargain on many things, e.g clothes, shoes, and other daily use things at various shops. Bargaining may not be an option in shopping marts.

Wholesale Markets

Whenever you want to buy something try to find a wholesale market or a market where sale is always on don’t go to the big malls or stores, in the wholesale market the price very low and you can negotiate on that price this will bring you a better deal on very good stuff.
There are many markets are also in India’s big cities like Mumbai and Delhi known as ‘Chor-Bazar'(Thief Market). In Chor-Bazar you’ll find expensive stuff like gadgets at a 90% less price. In Chor-Bazar price of the items is only based upon Bargaining.

Try to visit on a non-holiday

Try to visit India’s famous places on a non-holiday. India is a crowded country. Festivals and Holidays in India are always a time for the national and international tourists to visit the places in India. Travelling on a non-holiday will let you enjoy your trip peacefully. You’ll enjoy more at that time as compared to a holiday. On the occasion of any holiday there are so many different stalls selling small and interesting things but costs very high because of the crowd.

Crowd in Holidays

As the crowd increases there are chances of more sales. More sales will lead to the price hike. But as compared to a non-holiday crowd is less and due to less sales price range is quite fair.

Other Things to Remember

There are also many things to remember while going on a trip in India which you can find only find at the same time while you are dealing with. Other things are try to buy small things which can work best for you through the whole trip. Owning your things will let you use them freely and saving money cost you for the rent. Choose thing wisely according to your need don’t buy or rent any unnecessary things.