Download Guide - ESP32 and Micropython For Network Security

Excited to make most out of your esp32? Start with the guide by following the links provided. Each chapter offers hands-on experience and valuable insights, guiding you towards mastering network security with MicroPython on ESP32.

Download Guide - ESP32 and Micropython For Network Security
Network Security Using ESP32 & Micro python

Free Network Security Guide with ESP32 and MicroPython


ESP32 is pretty powerful micro-controller, when combined with power of python it can do a heck of work. We put together esp32 and micropython projects and created a Hack Guide for Esp32 and MicroPython containing tutorials focused on Network and Security. Here, we have our free part-1 of the guide.

Why MicroPython and ESP32?

MicroPython stands out as amazing implementation of Python 3, ideal for microcontrollers like the ESP32. Its simplicity, interactivity, and portability make it an excellent choice for programmers seeking an accessible yet powerful language. Paired with the ESP32's built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, MicroPython becomes a perfect tool for network security for every programmer.

What this Free Mini Guide Covers

Our free mini-guide is perfect for beginners, with its complete knowledge and made in easy-to-use steps. Let's check into the guide's chapters, each designed to make network security easy for you

Topics Covered:

1. Installing MicroPython on ESP32

  • Navigate through the installation process effortlessly
  • Set up your development environment for MicroPython on ESP32

2. Calling a REST API from ESP32 with MicroPython

  • Understand the basics of REST APIs
  • Learn to interact with external services for enhanced functionality

3.Sending Emails using ESP32, MicroPython, and SendGrid

  • Explore the intricacies of sending emails from your ESP32
  • Utilize MicroPython to communicate with third party email APIs

4. Creating a Port Scanner using ESP32 and MicroPython

  • Develop a robust port-scanning application
  • Enhance your network security toolkit with MicroPython on ESP32

How to Get the Free Mini Guide

Download the guide from following link. Each chapter will help you to make more out of your esp32 projects

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