Biggest Online Education startups in the world 2022

Biggest Online Education startups in the world 2022

Online Education startups are growing rapidly due to Covid-19 as a pandemic that has changed the entire education system. The online education sector is expected to reach a market cap of $350 Billion by 2025.

“Online education” becomes very popular among students because students can learn in comfort at their home, anytime and anywhere. In addition, Online Education provides the flexibility of time to attend class as well as the pace of their learning. 

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1. Byju’s

Byju’s is the world’s biggest online education platform in India. It is a tutoring app that educates children through video lectures. It offers video classes from kindergarten to 12th including ICSE, CBSE and some of the state boards.

In addition, Byju also provides coaching classes for many national and international exams held in India for example, IAS, GATE, GRE, GMAT etc. Byju’s app is trusted and downloaded by more than 115 million students all over the world because it focuses on personalized learning, Individual attention, as well as concept clearing through visualization. 

Besides this, Byju provides online tuition for 4th to 10th classes as well. Students all over the world love this app due to Byju’s unique two-teacher model so as to help them in learning concepts and clearing their doubts as well. 

Founded year– 2011
Headquarter– Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Founder– Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath
Valuation– $21 B
Revenue– $390 M
No. of employees– 3200


2. Yuanfudao

Yuanfudao is the second biggest online education startup in the world and the biggest education technology startup in China. It is a platform that provides online tutoring services to students in China and other countries as well. Basically, it is a homework tutoring app that provides education to primary as well as secondary students. 

Moreover, Yuanfudao offers live online courses from kindergarten to 12th classes. It helps students in their basic subjects for example- English, the Fundamental olympiad along with other subjects. It uses big data to focus more on their learning weaknesses and design customized exercises for students. 

Founded year– 2012
Headquarter– Beijing, China
Founder– Li Yong
Valuation– $15.5
Revenue– $423 M
Number of employees– 1257


3. Zuoyebang

Zuoyebang is an online education platform like Yuanfudao, having its website as well as an application. It provides online tutoring to all students but it is specialized for 12th students. 

There are more than 170 M students in China served by Zuoyebang. In fact, there are 50 million students served by them every day which is almost equal to the population of Spain. 

Zuoyebang just acts as a helping hand to the students with their homework. It offers live streaming as well as remote study services to the students and they can evaluate their homework also. Students can upload pictures of the question and can get the answer instantly. 

Founded year– 2015
Headquarter– Beijing, China
Founder– Hou Jianbin
Valuation– $10 B
Revenue– $ 150 M
Number of employees– 10k+


4. GoStudent

GoStudent is a leading online tutoring platform in Europe. It provides online one-to-one sessions for 50 minutes. GoStudent uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure to meet the requirements of the particular student as well as identify the ideal tutor for the student. It delivers over 200k tutoring sessions per month and covers all age group students and all school subjects. A regular update on the progress of the student is given.

 There are more than 15k tutors, covering 30+ subjects. GoStudent uses virtual classrooms including screen sharing, record function, whiteboard and many more.  

Founded year– 2016
Headquarter– Wein, Austria
Founder– Felix Oshwald
Valuation– $3.5 B
Revenue– $421.2 M
Number of employees– 2149


5. Course Hero

Course Hero is a course-specific study resources provider education technology company. It provides different study resources, textbooks and their solutions and many more. 

Besides this, it gives 24/7 help with students’ homework. You can download any type of study material from the Course hero’s website for free. They charge an annual fee of $83.40 and $ 9.95 as a monthly fee. 

In addition, Course Hero provides practice problems, class notes, assignments, essays, video solutions, infographics and many more. It covers subjects and courses of all schools and universities. It is a one-stop solution for students. Overall, Course Hero is the best platform for any type of study resource. 

Founded year– 2006
Headquarter– Redwood City, California
Founder– Andrew Grauer, Gregor Carigan
Valuation– $3.6 B
Revenue– $100 M
Number of employees– 360


6. VIP Kid

VIP Kid is an online English learning platform. It is the best platform for kids, especially of aged 4-15 to learn English language skills. Kids learn from certified teachers from the U.S.  and Canada in one-on-one classes. Undoubtedly, VIP Kid is the best platform for teachers too as they have to teach from the comfort of their home at any time. VIP Kid provides a class preview before the beginning of the class and takes a live session of 25 minutes. 

In addition, VIP kid provides course material, worksheets, real conversations as well as videos and games. All this is provided in order to learn them better. 

Founded year– 2013
Headquarter– Beijing, China
Founder– Cindy Mi
Valuation– $4.5 B
Revenue– $760 M
Number of employees– 7000

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7. Unacademy

Unacademy is one of the largest online education providers in India. It helps students to achieve their goal of cracking many national and state government exams. For example- Civil services exams, banking exams, engineering exams and many more. 

In addition, Unacademy offers online education through daily live sessions that you can attend anywhere and anytime. There are more than 50 million active learners. Unacademy started its journey from a YouTube channel in 2010. It acquired Kreatryx, PrepLadder and Codechef in 2020. 

Founded year 2015
Headquarter– Bangalore, India
Founder– Roman Saini
Valuation– $3.4 B
Revenue– $525 M
Number of employees– 6888 

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