What is difference between Vaccination and Medication? Why Vaccination

What is difference between Vaccination and Medication? Why Vaccination

Vaccination is a method which stimulates adaptive immunity of body and help prevent sickness from disease, whereas medication is a process where medication substances (drugs) are intended to use in diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.


What is Medication?

Medication is an old method to cure the diseases. It is as old as sickness. In this method different tablets with different chemical compounds are given to the patient and let that tablets work. This method is very common for the treatment of normal fever, flu or infections. But not all disease can be cured with the medicines. To deal with the situations where medication can not help, modern science technology developed a method named ‘VACCINATION’.

What is Vaccination?

Vaccination process is invented by Edward Jenner. He is also called the father of vaccination. This method is very old and easy to cure so many dangerous disease.  It is a process in which a type of totally dead or partially dead disease cells are injected into the patient body. These are also called the antibody triggers. These cells do not harm the health of patient. Instead of harming it is a way it ignites and train the antibodies to fight with the same disease. It is a very effective method. Vaccination is Antibody builder which leads to more Immunization.

Vaccine Contents

  • Stabilizers
: helps to maintain the vaccine while storage and transportation
  • Antigens: 
Weakened or dead bacteria or virus of the particular disease.
  • Preservatives: 
To keep the vaccine fully effective.
  • Adjuvants
: Improves the working of the Vaccine

Who can get Vaccinated?

Vaccination is a process to cure diseases and is made for everyone. But still there are a few conditions with which you might not get vaccinated.

  1. If any person has some allergy to the components of vaccine.
  2. If any person has fever at the time vaccination.
  3. There are some types of vaccinations which has an age limit.
  4. Chronic illness can also be reason to avoid vaccination.
with proper guidelines and consultation of the doctor vaccination can be done.

How Does a Vaccine Work?

  • Firstly, bacteria or germs-based liquid related to the disease is injected into the body.
  • Then as these germs or bacteria enter the body. Immune system of the body start reacting to it.
  • Antibodies start fighting these germs and gains the ability to fight this type of disease bacteria or germs.
  • Whenever in the future you are exposed that type of disease your immune system is fully trained to fight the disease and protect you.

Vaccination Availability

Whenever a new disease is found Medical Science starts research about that virus or disease. Sometime it takes only a few days of research and sometimes it takes several years to get a vaccine for that disease.

List of the diseases that can be cured with Vaccination

• Tetanus           • Typhoid           • Rotavirus

• Varicella         • Rubella             • Polio

• Mumps           • Pneumonia       • Rabies

• Cholera           • Hepatitis B       • Influenza

• Cervical Cancer                            • Measles

• Meningitis      • Yellow fever    • Pertussis

• Ebola Virus    • Diphtheria       • Covid-19

As this list have so many diseases but still there are so many disease or viruses are left. Some virus or disease vaccine is available in some counties and there are diseases which don’t have cure yet and still doctors are looking for the cure.

Effects of Vaccination

Vaccination is a process meant to cure everyone. But in some cases, it has minor side effects which will remain for a day or two. Having a severe effect from vaccination is extremely rare. Effects of the vaccination ca be prevented if you analyze your body and know about the allergies or fever before vaccination. All the types of vaccines are fully tested and approved by the medical science researchers for the cure excluding all the infections.
If a child is having more than one vaccine at a time than it is not bad and will leads to less discomfort to the child and having proper vaccination can be done.

Difference between Vaccine and Medicine


  • Vaccine is a totally biological product.
  • Vaccine is always given in schedules.
  • Vaccine needs proper storage like cold storage.
  • Vaccine is mostly used to prevent the diseases.
  • Vaccination is done to save whole population.
  • Vaccine is injected into the body through needles.


  • Medicine can biological or chemical product.
  • Medicine timings can vary from a day to many years.
  • Some Medicines required only proper storage otherwise it is easy to store medicine.
  • Medicine is given to treat, diagnose or prevent the disease.
  • Medicine is given to individual.
  • Medicine is given orally.

As you know these day deadly viruses are affecting the population on our planet. So many people die every day because of these deadly diseases caused by the viruses. Prevention of these diseases can be done by complete vaccination. Everyone should be properly guided about the merits of vaccination. There are still so may countries those are affected by deadly diseases and not have proper system to vaccinate their people. Covid-19 like virus happened in every century and gave death to millions of people. Medicine can treat or slow down the effect of any disease. But prevention can only be done with vaccination.

Vaccination makes easy to fight our body with the diseases. But still some people are afraid that they can be affected by vaccination. This thing can be overcome by education them about this method and motivate them to complete their vaccination. Complete Vaccination is the only way to reduce the effect of deadly disease.