USB Audio Amplifier with Speakers

USB Audio Amplifier with Speakers
USB Audio Amplifier with Speakers

A small audio Enhancer for your laptop and gadgets, is a home-made USB Powered Audio Amplifier. It’s all about How to make USB Powered Audio Amplifier at Home. Here we are using TDA2822 in our circuit.

Things we need to make USB powered audio amplifier

  • TDA2822 = 1
  • 100 u.f Capicitors = 2
  • 1000 u.f Capicitors = 2
  • 10 u.f Capicitors = 2
  • 10 k and 4.7 k resistors  = 2
  • Two small speakers from your pocket Radio or Mobile etc.

All this stuff is very cheap to buy. You can get all above in  $2 only.

Now Place these components, as shown in circuit diagram

tda 28822 - khalsa labs

Test circuit diagram of TDA2822 (stereo)


you can also use another circuit for same TDA2822

You may choose any one from above two, the first one is test circuit from company, second is working circuit from inside a working gadget. I tested the above , it is good but not best sound quality.. so you can choose your own.

Check Datasheet for IC TDA2822 from here

My Working Circuit:

USB Audio Amplifier - Khalsa Labs
USB Audio Amplifier with Speakers