Understanding and Saving The Eco-System - Flora Awareness

Understanding and Saving The Eco-System - Flora Awareness
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Flora as they are scientifically know are very important part of human like and they are among the major components of our ecosystem.

In more than many ways that we cannot comprehend, are plants lives hanging in the balance thanks to our own negligence and greed.

Despite the plants being so important in ways I am going to discuss below, we humans still are tirelessly working on the other edge, depleting and finishing them off time after another in gradual system but endless one.

Plants Contributions

Plants offer not only food, but also medicine, shelter, rainfall, fuel, minerals, humus and other worthy and valuable gifts and we just take it for a God-bless-you.

Minerals Enrichment

It is plants that give us different kind and types of fruits which are rich of variety of nutrients, exquisite and delicious taste which are very important in a person’s diet. Almost all vitamins are sourced from the plants. Vegetables are also from plants and they are excellent source of fibre for our bodies and a crucially important to facilitate easy digestion and movement of food in the alimentally canal.

Merchant Products

Other side, plants are a source of income for a very large population in the world. The sisals used to make brooms, rooves and other things acts as a good source of income for many tribes. Cash plants like tea, coffee, pyrethrum, cocoa, cotton and other like flowers are even international exports and imports that generate a handful amount of revenue, employment opportunities and technological developments. All this makes the life of a human being more comfortable.

Medicines from Flora

Plants like Aloe Vera and Cypress are just among the 70,000 plant species are utilized for medicine. They are very important since they save lives.

What are we giving back?

However, these good things without boundaries that plants offer us, we as humans are doing totally opposite to them. Deforestation, human interventions to forests, triggering climate change and hence leading to death of plants, are just some of the awful things we do to plants. We just pay good with bad and even to some extents with worst.

What are the outcomes of hurting flora?

What if plants decide just once to give us a payback to all the bad deeds we do to them without a second thought? What is just abruptly, they cut off the generous supply of food and medicine? What would we do without them? These could be definitely out of our own doing and therefore totally no one else to blame. We should consider the fact that 68 percent of plants are in danger of going extinct. Also, Plant species are going extinct about 5,000 times faster than they should. This is death in anticipation for us humans.

Restoring Eco-System

In consideration to the above facts, we should hold hands together, work hand in hand in order to restore an eco-friendly environment for both plants and animals. All the responsibilities rest on humans shoulders and therefore there is no other way but to embrace the call and part and parcel to better our environments and hence our ways of lives.

It’s a collective responsibility to everyone to ensure and exceed the lifespan of plants each day so that eventually plants will cease to go extinct.