Top 7 Pharmaceutical Startups to watch in 2022 

Top 7 Pharmaceutical Startups to watch in 2022 

Today many pharmaceutical startups are coming out to provide solutions with their innovative thinking, ideas, new technology and development. They work for us to give us a healthier and better life. Pharmaceutical Industry not only cures the health of patients, it also boosts the global economy. The pharmaceutical startups will take the market cap of the pharmaceutical industry to $23 trillion approximately.


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1. Breath Therapeutics

Breath therapeutics come into Zambon pharma. It acquired breath therapeutics for $163 M.
Breath Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that helps people who are suffering from long-term respiratory diseases. It provides them with various therapies to help them make inhaled drugs more efficient. They produce advanced and first-in-class inhalation therapies.
Several people are suffering from respiratory diseases in the US and worldwide. Majorly, there are three types of diseases including respiratory and urinary, that are focused on by Breath therapeutics as 1. BOS 2. NCFB 3. UTI

Talking about these diseases,
BOS stands for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome. It is the most common form of chronic lung allograft dysfunction after lung transplantation. It causes difficulty in breathing due to the narrowing of the airways.
NCFB stands for Non- Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis which is a chronic, progressive respiratory disorder that causes dilated airways, persistent cough and excessive sputum production.
UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection. It is an infection of the urinary system that affects kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.
The goal of Breath Therapeutics is to make people’s life easier and better with their products. Breath Therapeutics aims to research new remedies and treatments for specialized diseases. 

Industry- Inhalation therapies provider
Founded year- 2016
Location- Munich, Germany
Founder- Thibaud Eckenschhiller
Funding- $49.2M

2. Lyndra Therapeutic

Lyndra Therapeutics introduces ultra-long acting oral therapies, for the first time in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.
Lyndra Therapeutics was founded in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It has formulated 19 drugs in research, generated clinical data in therapeutic areas. It develops longer-lasting medicine that reduces the number of times people need to take doses.
Lyndra’s revolutionary drug delivery technology delivers a weekly or longer dose of medicine in one capsule.
This technology helps people to make them free from the burden of daily pills, improves outcomes.
Industry- ultra-long acting oral therapies provider
Founded year- 2015
Location- Watertown, MA.
Founder- Robert Langer, Giovanni Traverso, Adrew Bellinga and Amy Schulman.
Funding- $163.3M

3. Scorpion Therapeutics

Scorpion Therapeutics has built a scalable precision oncology drug-hunting platform. It makes the lives of people safer through precision oncology 2.0. It uses the most advanced technologies across cancer biology, medical chemistry and data sciences.
Scorpion Therapeutics’ mission is to redefine the frontier of precision medicine to deliver optimized and transformational therapies for the larger population of people with cancer. With technology they use, targets very precisely the tumor cells as there exist healthy tissues as well. 

Industry- Personalised cancer drugs
Founded year- 2020
Location- Boston, MA
Founder- Gary Glick
Funding- $270M

4. ROME Therapeutics

It explores repeatome(Repetitive sequences of “Dark Genome”). It enables the discovery of powerful new classes of medicines for cancer and autoimmune diseases by unlocking the repetome.
Rosana Kapeller is co-founder, president and CEO of Rome Therapeutics. He believes that medicines targeting the repeatome will revolutionize the way they treat cancer and autoimmune diseases that enable patients to live long and healthy lives. It illuminates the “repeatome” 60% of our genome that consists of repetitive sequences of nucleic acids, known as repeats. 

Industry- Cancer and Autoimmune diseases treatment
Founded year- 2020
Location- Cambridge, MA
Founder – Rosana Kapeller
Funding – $127M

5. Ace Cann 

Ace can is a medical cannabis product-providing company. It prepares medication through organic cultivation only. In organic cultivation, it produces sustainable, consistent & GACP compliant high-quality flowers. The next step is processing. It uses a solvent-free extraction process for extracting the maximum amount of cannabinoid and tarpene.
Ace cann produces high-quality and innovative medical cannabis products. It aims to provide a healthier medication alternative to live a healthier life.

Industry – Provides medical cannanis products in Europe
Founder year – 2019
Loaction – Lisboa, Portugal
Founder – Pedro Gomes
Funding – $115M

6. MRM Health

MRM (Microbial Resources Management) Health is the next generation of microbiome therapeutics based on live bacterial consortia. It discovers and develops microbiome-based therapeutics in the field of metabolic diseases.
MRM Health is specialized in the development of Live Biotherapeutic Products(LBP’s), host-microbiome interactions and gut microbiology.
MRM Health aims to combine specific microbial strains into optimized consortia and create a single drug substance. 

Industry- Microbiome research and development
Founded year- 2020
Location- Ghent, Belgium
Founder and CEO- Dr. Sam Possemiers
Funding- $15.8M


7. Qubit Pharmaceuticals

Qubit pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company that uses quantum computing. It allows the calculation of the absolute free binding energy of molecules with the highest accuracy. Qubit pharmaceuticals use much faster calculation platform methods. It uses HPC(High-Performance Computing) and cloud accelerations to perform calculations swiftly that allow finding highly valuable compounds in large libraries.
Quantum Pharmaceuticals is developing an ATLAS, a new in silico drug discovery lab. It is supported by Quantonation, a leading investment fund in quantum technologies in its mission to revolutionize the way to develop the drug and to provide a safer and more efficient drug faster.

Industry- Drug discovery by using quantum computing
Founded year- 2020
Location- Paris, France
Founder- Jay Ponder, Pengyu Ren, Jean-Philip Piquemal, Louis Lagardre and Mathheiu Moutes
Funding- Undisclosed


There are many more pharmaceutical startups working hard for the goodwill of humanity. These Pharmaceutical startups will be seen in the top list in the upcoming years.


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