Standing desks for 2022's best desks Including everything in between, gaming desks

Standing desks for 2022's best desks Including everything in between, gaming desks

There should be a desk in every home. That is a bold statement, but it is true. You might need a place to do your homework or work from home. You might be a gamer who wants to start Twitch streaming. All of the above ambitions require a comfortable work surface.

This has had a “best standing desks” article for a while now, and we know what the best office chairs and gaming chairs are, so now is the time to give you options beyond standing desks. This article has everything you need from standing desks to executive desks and beyond. I’ve spent hours building desks, moving desks, sitting at and sitting on desks to give you the lowdown on the greatest around.

Secret Lab

The top standing gaming desk available for purchase

The most industrial-looking table, it also exudes a lot of gaming intensity. This desk, which is 70 inches long and almost entirely comprised of metal components, is not intended for one-person assembly. It took over two hours to put everything together, but once it’s done, it’s a masterpiece.

It features a standing system with five settings, and the motors are some of the quietest I’ve ever used. Despite the desk’s considerable weight, the motion is smooth, and it rises easily and rapidly. I had never considered utilising a standing desk for gaming, but it’s a great way to break up long periods of sitting.

I would advise acquiring the extras if you can afford the price. Even if the huge trench down the rear and the integrated power supply unit already provide great wire management, you can hide all of your wiring transgressions with the optional magnetic conduit. The PC attachment that attaches your gaming tower to the leg, causing it to rise with the table so your cables don’t get stretched out as the desk moves, was my favourite feature.

My only objection to this desk is its price. It costs $1,500 when fully loaded, however you may get away with paying less for the extras. But I cannot suggest the Magnus if gaming is your profession and you require a large workstation to assist you.

$949 at Secret Lab

Branch Standing desk

Excellent for commercial areas and WFH offices

The Branch standing desk first has a somewhat conventional appearance, but upon closer investigation, the quality of the craftsmanship becomes clear. The materials all have a quality feel and a weight that can only be the result of sound engineering.

It was easy to put together and only took about 30 minutes, though I believe using two people would drastically cut that time. It was also exceptionally nicely wrapped, something Branch does with all of its items, so after I got everything together, it was in perfect condition.

The Branch desk has a convenient cable door at the back and can recall four different heights to keep your desk uncluttered and organised. While the desk can sometimes feel a bit too formal it would probably fit into your home office better if you choose one of the cosier woods with grey legs.

Of course, the Branch desk and Verve office chair from our list of the best office chairs make a fantastic set if you’re equipping an office.

Branch Furniture costs $699


Writing desk by Fenlo

A writing desk that is affordable and has extras

 Writing desks often take only a few minutes to put together and are compact in size. It can comfortably accommodate a laptop and maybe one monitor, but not much else.

But the beauty of that is that you can put it nearly anywhere and it will still look good. There are several different finishes available, and each one has a lamp to illuminate your work. The results, however, are the best aspect. The Fenlo desk includes two USB-A connections, a regular power socket, and—impressively—built-in wireless charging.

When you can reach the wires for your phone, tablet, and laptop from the front, managing them is considerably simpler.

Even when its legs are tight, the Fenlo experiences some wibble-wobbles due to its small weight. However, this only occurred when I loaded it to the maximum weight; as long as you’re only using a laptop, you should be alright.

$135 at Amazon


Steel-framed computer desk from Monoprice

Your initial gaming table

Gaming workstations are frequently very pricey, especially when extras are included. This Monoprice desk offers a headphone hook, cable management tray, and an off-desktop cup holder in addition to being straightforward, inexpensive, and stable—all wonderful qualities. It’s a good idea to place your drinks off to the side of the desk. If you knock it over, it will land on the ground rather than your desk’s pricey gadgets.

The work surface has grommets in the back for pushing cables through and is sticky. These work as long as you don’t have too many cables. Additionally, the front of the chair has a slot that allows you to get closer to the work surface without compromising your posture.

The Monoprice is a good entry-level gaming desk for the price. There should be predrilled holes where the instruction booklet directs you to screw something in order to avoid splitting the wood.

$120 at Monoprice

How we test

It’s kind of a subjective game to test desks. Similar to office chairs, the evaluations are oriented on comfort, dependability, and simplicity of setup rather than aspects of electronics like wattage and battery usage that can be tested. 

I put these workstations to the test by having three individuals use each one. They each used the workstation for at least 16 hours before giving me their feedback. To give me a solid representation of the average user height, the three individuals were, respectively, 6-foot-1 inches, 5-foot-8 inches, and 5-foot-4 inches tall.

setup time and product calibre

Desk construction can frequently be challenging and time-consuming. I timed how long it took to unpack and put together each desk, and I made a note of whether or not the instructions were simple to follow. I adhered to the directions as strictly as I could, performing each build as if it were the first time. I also carefully examined the packing to make sure it was undamaged and that the desk it contained could be carried in it. Images of any damage were forwarded to the manufacturers for review after being taken note of.

Structural soundness

Modern workstations must be strong enough to support a sizable amount of weight. If you’re using a gaming desk, it probably includes two monitors and a large gaming PC as well. If you’re at a writing desk, you could simply have a little laptop. I looked up the maximum load standard for each desk and made an effort to line it up with the materials our desks are actually made of.