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How to Scan Ports Using Google – Port Scanner

Welcome to Google Powered World , its amazing to Know that you can Also scan open port by googling. Port scanning using google take advantage from depth of Google bots as they are used for Performing the Port Scan.Port scan using Google also features as choice can be made for scan  all port and for specific range of ports

Lets Learn this hack trick for Port scanning using google:

search keyword for scan all ports:

search format —-   site:/<domain-name>:* 

example search —–   site:/*


search keyword for specific port ranges:

search format —-   site:/<domain-name>:* <port range> 

example search —–   site:/com:* 80…443


search keyword for all ports on specific type of Domain:

search format —-   site:/<domain-postfix>:* 

example search —–   site:/com:*


NOTE: The above information for Port scanning using google is for Knowledge Base only not to impulse any Hack activity

source: diggity

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