Robotics companies in the world to watch 2022

Robotics companies in the world to watch 2022

Robotics is the technology of the future without a doubt. It is a field in which new technology and innovations happen every day. In 2022 new robotics startups will be a very amazing thing to watch.

By 2021 human-like robot prototype is already presented to the world. That robot’s name is ‘Sophia’. So many robotics startups are already working hard to achieve something out of the box. These startups are taking robotics to another level. Now it will not be more surprising if you see a human-like robot. Now the New Robotics Startups are competing with the old Robotic giants. Here, we are gonna talking about such startups.


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Zipline is a delivery drone manufacturing company. Basically, it delivers medicines to your doorstep by drones. It designs, manufactures and operates the world’s largest automated delivery system. It makes such drones that make the delivery faster and farther to customers or patients. 

Zipline is the world’s largest commercial autonomous delivery system. It is the global leader in instant logistics also. It solves complex issues with purpose-driven innovation. Zipline provides quiet, fast and congestion-free delivery as well as reduces emission & air pollution.

In addition, Zipline offers on-demand home delivery for Walmart. It enables leading healthcare providers to bring care into the home in the U.S. 

Industry- Instant logistics

Company- Medical product delivery drone

Founded year- 2014

Founder- Keller Rinaudo, Keenan Wyrobek

Revenue- $103 M

Location- San Francisco, California, U.S.





Anduril is a defense robotics product manufacturing company. They aim to transform defense capabilities using advanced technologies. Anduril develops a Lattice OS which is an Open Operating system for the defense. This brings autonomy to the toughest missions. In other words, it enables us to move with machine speed, unparalleled confidence as well as military-grade security. They do so by turning data into information. Further, information into a decision and then again decision into actions. Lattice provides integrated & persistent awareness and security across the land, sea and air

Unlike traditional defense contractors who focus primarily on hardware. But, Anduril’s core system is Lattice, which is an autonomous sensemaking and command and control platform. 

Industry- defense product manufacturer

Founder year- 2017

Founder- Palmer Luckey

Revenue- $100 M

Location- California, US




Nuro is an Autonomous Vehicle development company. It develops AV for delivering goods. Nuro provides custom AVs to drive in neighborhoods which helps to make your life easier and more comfortable. These autonomous vehicles have plenty of space inside which can hold almost 500 lbs of groceries. 

In addition, Nuro provides heating as well as cooling facility along with customizable compartments. These are completely electric as well as zero-emission AVs. Besides, these autonomous vehicles have cameras, radar, lidar as well as sensors for safe driving. Once your order is done, it will drive away on its own.  According to Nuro, “It’s time for robots to do driving”.      

Industry- Autonomous Vehicles

Founded Year: 2016

Founder: Jiajan Zhu & Dave Ferguson

Revenue: $86M

Location: California, US




Skydio is a robotics company that manufactures drones. It aims to make the world more productive, creative as well as safe with autonomous flight. It launched R1 in 2018. And it was widely regarded as a breakthrough in autonomous drones for consumers as well as a platform for commercial development. 

Skydio provides solutions for public safety, inspection as well as defense. The autonomy of Skydiio includes decades of R&D in AI, computer vision and robotics. In addition, it provides object and scene recognition, motion planning as well as obstacle avoidance. It provides a 3D map of the surroundings as well. Besides, it delivers a professional flight experience even during complex missions and environments.

Industry- Drone Intelligence

Founded Year: 2014

Founder: Adam Bri

Revenue: $78M

Location: California, US



Robotics, Drone

Seegrid robotics

Seegrid helps to level up the material movement with next-level automation. It works in three types of markets including Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics. Seegrid provides four types of vehicles which are Pallion AMRs, Pallion Lift, Pallion Pallet Truck & Pallion Tow Tractors also. With Seegrid’s Palion ARM it becomes easy to achieve hands-free flexibility. As a result, it increases productivity as well as reduces cost. Their customer-centric approach provides services and support to the customer when needed. They are passionate about helping their customers.  

Industry- Autonomous Mobile Robots

Founded Year: 2003

Founder: Dr. Hans Moravec

Revenue: $70M

Location: Pittsburgh, US



Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is a leading autonomous mobile robot(ARM) company that provides logistics automation solutions. It helps distribution, warehousing, as well as manufacturing organizations, streamline their materials handling and logistics operations. It offers high-capacity ARM such as pallet trucks, tow tractors and counterbalanced lift trucks.

Vecna Robotics’ mission is to maximize human productivity. They do so by delivering superior automation and orchestration technologies. In addition, it increases the speed of commerce, improves work safety along with decreasing the life risk of workers.

 Vecna builds ‘Pivotal’ which is the world’s first multi-agent AI-based orchestration engine. Pivotal analyzes your current state of operation as well as adjusts operational processes. In addition, it ensures that every player on the team is performing optimally in real-time. 

Industry- Logistics automation

Founded year- 2018

Founder- Daniel Theobald, Dan Patt

Revenue- $39.3 M

Location- Waltham, MA, United States



In conclusion, all of the above robotics startups have strong potential for growth. They targeted specific industries and sectors. For example, autonomous vehicles, defense security systems, delivery drones, healthcare, etc. 

Overall, all these robotics startups came in order to betterment humanity and make their life easier and more comfortable.  

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