Pinchtozoom is now available on smartphones thanks to YouTube's most recent revamp.

Pinchtozoom is now available on smartphones thanks to YouTube's most recent revamp.

New features and a new appearance are coming to YouTube. One of the features of the iOS and Android apps is the ability to pinch to zoom into a video. The movie will remain zoomed in even after you withdraw your fingers. That seems like a practical choice for anyone about to pore into Taylor Swift’s most recent music videos in search of Easter eggs. Since testing the pinch-to-zoom function with Premium customers began in August, everyone will now be able to use it.

You should be able to access the proper section of a video with the aid of a further feature. When scrolling through a movie on desktop or mobile, you can swipe up or drag your cursor up to see a row of thumbnails (a bit like you might see on Netflix). This should prevent you from going too far back in a tutorial when you want to replay a step, as suggested by YouTube.

On the visual side, a new ambient mode modifies the app’s backdrop colour to match the video. In a blog post, YouTube UX director Nate Koechley explains this as a subtle effect that makes use of dynamic colour sampling to lure viewers’ eyes into videos and increase their attention to the content.

Video playlists will also support ambient mode. When the dark theme is activated, ambient mode will be visible on watch pages for mobile and the web. In light of this, the dark mode will soon appear considerably darker on desktop, mobile, and smart TVs.

In other places, buttons will now be placed next to YouTube links in video descriptions. To “minimise distractions,” the service has also changed popular activities like “like,” “share,” and “download.” The subscribe button will also look different; rather to being rectangular, it will now be shaped like a pill. YouTube claims that the high-contrast revamp will make the button stand out more on watch pages and channel sites even if it won’t be red anymore.

Today, YouTube will start implementing these modifications. Within the following two weeks, everyone should be able to access them.