Next Generation Holographic Displays – Leia Display

Leia Display System introduced the next generation holographic displays which use uses a combination of light and water-vapors for produce holographs in mid-air and packed up with sensors which track movement and touch inputs from users.

So here is why Next Generation Holographic Displays is Leia Display

Go beyond the 3D now you can touch the objects of the screen. Combination of sensors and holograph makes you to walk through the image, touch it or interact with it, that will be really amazing experience. Liea uses Kinect gestures or Leap Motion type to sense the touches and deionized water for the create haze in which the holograph is projected.

Here are few demonstration of LIEA Display System:


holographic girl butterfly



Specifications of Leia Display S-95

  • TV sized and blows a mist bottom-up
  • Can display a virtual assistant, 3D model or a game
  • Most suitable for release, fairs, promotions, museums and a control panel.
  • Fully interactive with software support.
  • It also supports highly accurate signature in the air with Leap Motion technology.