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Motorola Project Ara – Birth of DIY Smartphones

From Concept of Phonebloks , Motorola is going to be first one. Motorola Project Ara – Birth of DIY Smartphones, is the first project of DIY Modular Smartphones which is going to be True from Imagined Concepts.

Motorola’s Design for Project Ara consists of 2 type of Parts

1 – Endoskeleton

2 – Modules

project era - khalsa labs
Project Era

Endoskeleton (Endo)  is the structural frame  – works as  the Structural Body of Mobile Phone for placing other parts or chips.

Modules are  the parts of Mobile Phone like Screen, Keyboard, Speakers and also the CPU, RAM , ROM chips etc.

Motorola Team MAKEwithMOTO , is putting its efforts to make the Mobile phones with this Endoskeleton and Modules design.In which you can choose Modules to Fit with Skeleton of  your choice. You can choose your Camera module, RAM module, Memory modules, and many other Featured Modules depend on your requirements and money budget. It will make the mobile as your perfect match. Even you are able change modules when you like. e.g  I’ll Change my Phone Camera when i want to  Shot Some Classics Moments of Travel or anything else.

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