Importance of Water in our Body

Importance of Water in our Body
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Water is 70 percent, in our body components, the rest parts make up to 30 percent. It is as important as it is dominant in our body.


Inadequacy of water can threaten our survival. As the saying goes, Water is life. Without water, we can hardly live anymore. Scientifically, water is a chemical compound made of 2 hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom.

Below are the functions and importance of water in our body.


Helping Digestive System

Water, fibre and other substances like magnesium aid in our digestive system to ensure smooth flow of food substances, prevent hard stool and constipation. This results into extraction of lots of digestive waste from our bodies and this can prove to be very useful to us.

Preventing Dehydration

Dehydration is the lack of water in our bodies. Water is quite effective in ensuring our skins are moist and other organs as well. This prevents our bodies from drying off and begin to crack which can prove to be a very painful process. We should ensure that we drink water regularly to ensure our bodies doesn’t run out of water.

Regulating Body Temperature

Water helps in regulation of our body temperatures. Water is an important component in the process of cooling our bodies. When we drink enough water, our bodies sweat. When we lose the excess water through our pores, our pores open and air get in through them. Therefore, during this process, our bodies’ cools down and get us a1 nice feeling.

Blood Formation

Water is an important component of blood. Water is combined with other substances like the platelets, plasma, red and white blood cells to compose blood which is a fundamental substance in our bodies. Inadequacy of water can result to inadequacy or lack of enough blood in our systems which can be very fatal and can result to diseases like anaemia.

Extracting Salts and Urea Wastes

Water helps in removal of wastes out of bodies. When sweating, excess water that comes out from our bodies though the pores. Waste like excess salts dissolve in water and if you can taste a little of your sweat you can feel it’s salty. Hence, the excess salt is ejected out of our bodies. Also, during urination, water is dissolved with waste like urea and we remove them from our bodies, together.

Easing Body Movements

Water eases physical performance. When you are engaging in a physical activity, you surely feel the urge for water. This is because, you lose water and some parts of body like the joins are wearing out. So when you drink water, its combined with other substances like mucus synovial fluid, and other fluids that aids in greasing your body and reduces the friction in your joints and the bones.