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How to Install Android Apps in Blackberry 10

A fantastic thing about blackberry 10 OS that you can install and run android apps also on it. Here I am sharing 3 simple ways to install Android Apps in Blackberry 10. Before install Android apps make sure that your OS is updated to 10.2 or higher and ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources’ is On from Settings > App Manager in your blackberry device.

Here are the 3 easy ways to install Android apps to your blackberry


1.Download Android apps from and directly run on blackberry device –  Its the easiest way to install & run android apps to the blackberry device.


2. Install 1Mobile Market:

– Goto via your blackberry browser.

– Download 1Mobile Market from here.

– Run the downloaded file, it will install 1Mobile Market

– Download and Enjoy android apps from 1Mobile Market on Blackberry


3. Install Amazon AppStore

– Goto via your blackberry browser.

– Download Amazon App Store from here.

– Run the downloaded file, it will install Amazon App Store.

– Sign Up if you are new or Sign In with existing Amazon ID.

– Download and Enjoy a wide collection of android apps from Amazon App Store.


From above three methods you will be able to install android apps to blackberry devices. For exact copy of google play store you have to install Snap on blackberry. It has a little bit long procedure to install Snap, so it did’t consider it in easy ways…

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