How to Make Sweet Yogurt at Home

How to Make Sweet Yogurt at Home

Make Sweet Yogurt at home in a few simple steps.How to make Homemade Yogurt Khalsa Labs

Usually, we buy yogurts from shops, supermarkets or restaurants, which consumes a lot of our time, gas and energy. I have great news for you if you don’t like to waste time on going shopping. Let’s learn how you can save a lot of time and energy by making yogurt in just a few moments at the comfort of your kitchen that can be enough for you and your family with even a more great taste and aroma. Relax and pay attention now and tomorrow you can make your yogurt at home and relinquish it in a homey environment.


  1. An oven (3-quart Dutch oven)
  2. Instant read food thermometer
  3. A large pot
  4. Milk (powder milk or cream if you want to increase the thickness or viscosity of the yogurt
  5. A small measuring cup
  6. Small quantity of commercial yogurt


  1. 1-1½ liters of milk
  2. 2-3 teaspoon of powder milk cream
  3. 2-3 tablespoons of the commercial yogurt.


Pour the milk in the large pot and cover it with a lid. Place the pot on stove and allow the milk to heat upto around 86°C (200°F).Stir steadily so as to avoid milk from scorching at the surface and to boil evenly.

Let the milk cool to around 43°C (115-118°F).

Add the commercial yogurt with the milk and stir vigorously (whisk) until the yogurt dissolves completely in the milk and the mixture becomes completely homogeneous. Add the powder cream into the solution and ensure it mixes completely, if you want extra thickness

Place the mixture in the pot into the oven. Close the oven and turn it on. Maintain the temperature to around 43°C (110°F) for a period equivalent to 6 hours; give or take. This process is set to provide conducive environment for bacterial activities to turn the mixture into fine yogurt. Also instead of consuming the electricity; (a) you can wrap the pot in the blanket and leave it overnight in a drawer or so; and (b) if it’s a sunny day, you can just place your yogurt under the sun for a period of 6 hours give or take as well.

You can serve the yogurt with a snack like a cookie on a hot sunny day and enjoy its freshness and coolness. I am sure you won’t believe that it was your work, I promise.