How to clean your electronic gadgets - Tablet, PC, Mobile, TV and Screens

How to clean your electronic gadgets - Tablet, PC, Mobile, TV and Screens

During pandemic, we used to wash our hands several times a day to keep away the viruses, germs and bacteria; have we ever think about your tablet, PC, mobile, TV and screens, or any other electronic gadget that we use in your daily life?

Electronic gadgets acts like a magnet to germs and dust particles. As these little warm gadgets makes a perfect environment to germs and bacteria to grow. They are full of bacteria and viruses. We keep touching these gadgets with our hands and touch our face or other things with these contaminated hands spreading out pathogens around. These pathogens may cause many infections, strep throat, flu or problems related to respiration and make us sick.  So, it is essential to clean your devices time to time.

How frequently should you clean your gadgets

You should clean your electronic gadgets regularly. You are required to thoroughly clean your gadgets at least once a day to keep the hygiene. Because your mobile phone has more germs than a toilet seat. Here are some tips to minimize these pathogens on your devices.

How to protect your devices from pathogens

  1.   Don’t bring your phone with you while going in the bathroom.
  2.   Don’t use your phone while eating or don’t eat while using your phone.
  3.   Wash your hands before and after touching your phone.
  4.   Don’t let other people use your phone.
  5.   Try to use hand- free devices to make calls.

How to clean your electronic gadgets

Today, we are surrounded with electronic gadgets like Smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV, Bluetooth and wireless devices, gaming console and controllers, smart watches, headphones, earphones and fitness trackers. We should clean these devices regularly. But no same cleaner and cleaning method should be used to clean different types of electronic gadgets. The methods to clean each of these gadgets are list below:

How to clean your phone or tablet

Mobile phone and tablet are the devices which are used most frequently by us. So, they need to be cleaned more frequent. It is recommended to use distilled water and microfiber cloth to clean them. And a cotton swab is best suited to clean around crevices and edges of the screen.

To disinfect your phone or tablet you need Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water solution. Take 70% Isopropyl alcohol and 30% distilled water to make a solution. Put it into a spray bottle. Now, spray this solution onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe out the screen of your phone or tablet. You need to clean the case of your phone or tablet as well. Because dust particles, germs and bacteria accumulate into the case too.
After cleaning them thoroughly, let them dry or you can use dry microfiber cloth to make them dry.

How to clean your laptop or desktop PC

As we usually take our laptop with us while going outside. So, there are more chances for accumulation of pathogens over your laptop. Keep in mind to clean and disinfect your laptop thoroughly after using it outside. To clean the screen of laptop or PC, use the isopropyl alcohol solution. Lightly damp the microfiber cloth into the solution and go over the entire screen and all over the plastic and metallic surface.

Use compressed air duster to thoroughly clean the crumbs and dust in the keys of keyboard. And also wipe them out with lightly damped microfiber cloth.

Except this, don’t forget to clean your mouse. Clean its feet, crevices and its surface as well as the mouse pad.

How to clean headphones or earphones

Headphones or earphones are the device which goes in our ears. So, they need to be clean regularly. You need to clean after and before using them. We often take our earphones with us while travelling in buses or trains which lead to the accumulation of dust and grease. They are more likely to have germs, viruses and bacteria. Not only the buds, but the wire also needs to be clean along with buds. For buds, you can use dry cotton cloth or microfiber cloth and for wire, isopropyl solution can be used to clean as well as disinfect them.

How to clean monitors or TV screens

Monitors and TV screens are less resilient than phones and tablets. They are less exposed to our hands. You just need a damp cloth to clean them softly. If using chemicals, it may damage the screen or may leave steaks on them.
          Keep in mind before cleaning       

There are many alternatives available to clean your electronic devices but, firstly read the instructions and guidelines to clean a particular gadget (if its available with the device).

  • Power off your device before cleaning it.
  • Don’t clean your device if plugged- in. Plug it out before cleansing. It would be better if you can remove the battery of your laptop.
  • Don’t spray the solution directly onto the screen.
  • Avoid cleaning the screens with cleaner including harsh chemicals in it. Like bleach, cream cleaners or detergent-based agents. It may demolish the olephobic coating on the screen.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth to clean your device’s screen.
  • Keep your device moist- free. As moisture can damage your electronic device easily. Make sure to completely dry them out after cleaning.

In conclusion, cleansing of electronic gadgets is important for their maintenance and increasing their life period as well.