High Protein Vegan Wrap

High protein vegan wrap recipe is here for all those who want an easy but healthy meal. I can relate to all those people who want to eat vegan meal but want it to be tasty. I know vegan meals not always turn out to be tasty, but I will provide you with tasty and healthy vegan meals!!

Steps to make Tasty & Protein Rich Vegan Wrap

Ingredients needed:

tortillas- khalsa labs- vegan labs1.Tortillas: You can use any type of Tortillas. But I prefer to use whole wheat tortillas as they have more fiber. You can buy these at cheap price at any grocery store like Walmart or Superstore.



2. Chick Peas and Bchick peas and beans khalsa labs high protein vegan wraplack Beans: You need cooked chick peas and black beans which you can make at home by boiling them in plain water. More easy way is to buy canned chickpeas and black beans from Walmart for less than a dollar. I like to buy pre cooked beans because it saves me a lot of time and energy.



3.Spinach , Onions and Tomato: you need to chop onions and tomato in small pieces but the spinach  you can use some of the leaves for a wrap as many as you like.
spinach tomato onion khalsa labs high protein vegan wrap4. Salsa, Mayo and Ketchup: You need Salsa which again you can buy cheaper at Walmart. Vegan Mayo and Ketchup is must for my every wrap. You can also use mustard if you like because not many people like its taste.


  1. Get the cooked chickpeas and black beans in a saucepan. Add some Salsa and salt to taste. Stir it until they are all mixed up.
  2. Take the tortilla and microwave it for half a minute or heat it up on a flat pan.
  3. Apply some vegan mayo on the tortilla evenly.
  4. Add spinach leaves on the tortilla.
  5. Add 1 table spoon of the mixture of chickpeas and black beans.
  6. Add a few chopped tomatoes and onions.
  7. Add ketchup and mustard to your taste
  8. At last wrap up the tortilla and its ready to eat.

I like to make my chickpeas and beans’ mix for a whole week and store it in the refrigerator. So, this wrap is my lazy and high protein lunch for school which I love to eat. I hope you guys would like my recipe. Do comment if you like it or not.!