Development of Artificial Intelligence, an achievment or a threat to the society..?

The debate about pros and cons of artificial intelligence started long ago when it was first introduced.  I was a fan of AI just like everyone, but now it shocks me how it can be used in some really harmful ways.

Lyrebird is a awesome but freaking result of artificial intelligence at the same time. A group of students of University of Montreal made this software. The boys made up algorithms that can make digital copy of your voice in couple of minutes. Anyone can have this experience by signing up on their website,

lyrebird- specifications of the software using artificial intelligence

You only need to record random sentences that the website asks, and in less than a minute. Then the computer can say literally anything in your voice, even the words that you did not say…Freaking Right? you can also see some fake but convincing announcements by politicians: Obama, Trump and Hillary.

The thing that freaked me out most is, what if someone makes you say all the required sentences that this software needs, over a phone or record them personally, and use your digital voice ,which is very hard to distinguish from your real one,  and manipulate your friends or even your life!

Do tell what do you think can be good or bad results of this advancement in artificial intelligence?




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