Adobe launched AI updates for Lightroom 2022.

Adobe launched AI updates for Lightroom 2022.

Adobe Lightroom 2022 is now available, and the new features focus on making it easy to choose people or objects to modify their colours or eliminate them entirely. AI-powered masking and content-aware removal are significant capabilities accessible in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Camera RAW.

Whereas Photoshop was traditionally used to edit or eliminate items, Adobe introduced AI-powered masking to Lightroom last year. It is now building on this with more specialised capabilities that allow you to quickly choose individuals, as well as certain body parts, objects, or the backdrop, with a single click.

The first is “Choose People,” which use Adobe’s AI Sensei to select individuals and groups, as well as particular bodily features such as face skin, body skin, eyes, teeth, lips, hair, and more. With a photo imported, Adobe’s AI automatically detects and names each individual in a scene as “All People,” “Person 1,” “Person 2,” “Person 3,” and so on. You may then choose, say, Person 2, and customise their face skin, body skin, teeth, and so on. From there, you may adjust the colours, increase the sharpness, or do whatever else you wish.

Meanwhile, Select Objects makes it easy to do so in a few of ways. To choose a rose, for example, simply paint over it with the brush or draw a rectangle around it, and the AI will refine the boundaries to produce a perfect mask. Similarly, instead of needing to reverse a topic selection, you may quickly choose a complete image backdrop with a single click.

And, if you’re more interested in completely deleting items (called “healing”), Content-Aware Remove makes it easier than ever. Simply create a rough mask around the object to be eliminated, and the AI will fill in the background depending on the surrounding content. It has a Refresh option that allows you to select the sampled region for better control.

As is typical with this type of stuff, it works wonderfully with certain photographs and not so well with others. Hand tweaking of the masks may also be required, especially with complicated backgrounds that are difficult for the AI to separate from the foreground. In those circumstances, though, it offers you a significant head start and frequently chooses the full subject accurately on the first try.

Other new desktop Lightroom features include “Compare while editing,” which allows you to load two pictures to better match them, as well as GPU speed upgrades. If you prefer to view your colour options on the left, Lightroom Classic now has a new left-right panel swap functionality, as well as speedier mobile device imports (Windows only). Adobe is integrating masking curves and HDR support for displays in Camera Raw, albeit the latter is currently in a tech beta.