A Brief Introduction to What is Gravity and What is Space?

A Brief Introduction to What is Gravity and What is Space?
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What is gravity? What is space? Is there gravity in space? Is it true that gravity is everywhere? why astronomers float in space? What is weightlessness?

If it’s true that gravity is everywhere, why do we see astronomers seem like floating in space?

All the above questions are probably common to the curious minds or maybe were once in our minds and now they slipped away. Well, today I have a response for you. I have the answers to the questions above, so you don’t have to scratch you head any longer.

What is gravity?

Gravity is force that originates from a certain object/matter and have the ability or tendency to pull things or other object towards it and probably towards its centre. As we all know, Earth is quite a good example gravity possession. When you are on earth and you throw something up, after a fraction of a second depending on the size of the object, you will see the object that you threw up coming towards the earth’s surface. The same way, if you jump off a cliff, you will see yourself being drawn to the surface of the cliff real quick. The force that is working this magic is called gravity and is one of the principles of physics.

What is space?

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Space is the area existing between planets and other objects floating in the galaxy. It is space where astronauts build their stations to observe the components of our galaxy. There is gravity in space but in small amounts.

Is gravity everywhere?

Yes, gravity is everywhere (In presence of celestial bodies). Anything that occupy space and has mass (matter), has gravity. The difference or strength and weakness of gravity emitted by any matter, relies on the size of the matter and the distance of the subject (further or closer) from it. As an example of gravity created by Earth, the Sun and the Moon, if an object is far away from the gravity created by these three celestial bodies, the gravity would be very low but not absent.

What is weightlessness and what happens to the astronauts as they try to move in space?

Weightlessness is a temporary floating state astronauts find themselves in as they try to navigate or move in space whether in their space suits or inside their space ships. The feeling is always the same. The reason as to why this happens is due to the absence of enough or more gravity to pull them towards something because they are literary in between objects. It takes quite some time and accurate and precise calculations for the astronauts to actually land on something in space, like the moon or the earth. If you don’t do your calculations correctly and accurately, you will definitely keep on missing.

As I conclude, I hope your mind is eased with the responses above. Let’s keep on feeding our curious minds with Khalsa labs. Check later for new updates and news in our blog please.