What is Obesity (over-weight), is it a problem?

What is Obesity (over-weight), is it a problem?
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Obesity is an unhealthy condition where the victim is characterized and described by excessive fat in the body also known as Over-weight.

The victims are usually casualties of shame, embarrassment and most of them are traumatized about their condition due to the ill-talks they get from other fit people in the society.

If you are hiding indoors all days or you can’t attend a social gathering simply because you feel you look embarrassing, well, worry no more. In this article, I am going to take you step by step on how to get your body in the old right stature by discussing its causes, effects and solutions so that you don’t have to fear being around people. In a next few minutes, I am going to explain the causes of obesity and then what we should do to curb this situation.

What are the Causes of Obesity?

Body Inactivity– Most of the people who do office work spends most of their time in their sitting position. When they are done with work, they drive home or they use public transport therefore ending up walking a very small distance till end of the day. This can result to the body being physically inactive and therefore even if we take a balanced diet meal, most food we take and the energy produced by the body ends up stored and unused for quite some time. The energy accumulates gradually and since most is stored as fat, your body size and weight increase co-currently. Also, most kids spends time in school maybe sited and some do not like engaging in Physical education. They end up being obese.

Eating Junk Food– Junk foods are sweet and tasty. Everybody likes a pizza, cookie or a marshmallow. But they can prove to be quite dangerous to our health if we develop an unhealthy addiction habit. Most people don’t like cooking and they therefore end purchasing junk food almost for every meal they take in a day. The junk food have more than enough sugar in them to make them sweet and some are very oily. When this fats and sugar accumulate in your body, they make you gain weight in an abnormal rate.

Overeating– Some people take eating as hobby or an interesting activity. In this process before they know it, they end up loving eating more than anything. Therefore, you will find them eating now and then even if they are doing something else. They eat more meals than they are recommended to eat per day hence giving the body too much energy than it requires resulting to much energy being stored.

Not eating a balanced diet– A good meal which is well balanced should contain; Right amount of protein, right amount of carbohydrates, right amount of vitamins, right amount of water and right amount of fibre. If you consume too much of energy giving food, you will end up adding a lot of weight in your body, more than is required to run the bodies operations.

What are the Effects of Obesity?

It can result to cardiovascular Illnesses. A lot of fat in our body can result to heart problems since too much fat accumulate around blood vessels and the heart making the process of pimping and supplying blood difficult.

It can also result to dullness to kids since they are unable to undertake any physical activity like their friends and in most cases results to poor performance both at school and home

Depression can also be a problem brought about by obesity. Victims always are victimized due to their body size and shape, ridiculed and underestimated. As a result, they might end up hating themselves too or becoming lonely. This will definitely result to stress and depression.

Obesity can result to social embarrassment since one is always ridiculed .This is not a good feeling since the victims will have a hell of a time trying to fit in the society and trying to convince people that they are useful.

What are the Solutions to Obesity?

The solutions will always be there but one must be ready to sacrifice a lot in return. Usually the best thing or a parent to do for his/her kid, is to ensure the right diet in their meals, engage in physical activities and restrict over-consumption of junk food in order to prevent obesity as early as possible. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. However, if you are in this problem, there should be four golden rules in your dictionary:

Avoid overeating to prevent excess energy being stored in your body.

Avoid eating Junk food always. Do it thrice in a week or so.

Engage in physical activities regularly, probably every single day to help in your digestion and consumption of energy. Run a few kilometres or visit the Gym.

Eat a balanced diet meal every day.