What is Detoxification and Ways to Detoxification

What is Detoxification and Ways to Detoxification

Detoxification (shortly known as ‘Detox’) is a process in which we flush out the toxins and harmful substances completely from our body.

Detoxification helps to cleanse our liver, kidneys and other organs to maintain their work efficiency. Purpose of detoxification is to minimize the physical harm caused by accumulation of toxins over a time in the body. Detoxification of body is necessary as these toxins leads to give birth to many health diseases further.

Why do we need detoxification?

In Today’s life we are used to eat oily, fried, processed and packaged food containing lots of fat, calories, sugar and bad cholesterol. Most of these foods are with preservatives and don’t come directly from mother nature. Thus, it become extremely difficult for our body to digest them properly or we don’t even gain any nutrition from them. As a result, some portion of food accumulates in our body and get converted to harmful toxins. By happening so on a regular basis, it forms a thick layer or coating of bacteria and viruses on the walls of our intestines. On our intestines, there are millions of tiny fingers like projections called “Villi“. These toxins get transported to bloodstreams through these villi.
These toxins are responsible for different diseases, as if they stuck to airways, it causes Asthma. If get stuck on our skin, it causes rashes and other skin infections. If get stuck on small intestine it leads to constipation and that is the root of many diseases. So ultimately, if we want to cure from all these health issues, we need to flush out these toxins from the body thoroughly.
As, a dirty body attracts germs and bacteria towards it but, on the other hand, no disease can survive in a body that is clean from inside.

How do you know if your body need detoxification?

There are some signs that your body shows if it need detoxification. It could have different effects on your body. Like,

  1. You feel tired always.
  2. You fall sick often.
  3. More prone to skin diseases.
  4. Poor memory and concentration.
  5. Suffer from mood swings.
  6. Having trouble falling sleep.
  7. Bad breath

Various methods to detox

Oil Pulling– It is one of the best methods to detox the whole body. For oil pulling process, we need to take 1 tbsp of oil in the morning empty stomach. You can take any cold pressed oil for this. You can take coconut oil, sesame oil or mustard oil but, coconut oil is considered the best. You need to put this one tbsp of oil in your mouth and swish it for 10-20 minutes. During this, you can do your other works also. After 10-20 minutes, spit this oil. You’ll see that this oil become milky white because it brings out all the toxins along with it.
How does this work? Our tongue is connected with our internal organs such as liver, heart, lungs, spine and small intestines through a network of veins.
Our mouth acts just like a mirror of our internal body.

Fast to detox– Fasting can help you in detoxification of your body. Fasting may enhance the production of certain enzymes which helps in detoxification. It also promotes the liver health as liver is the main organ in detoxification process.
During fasting, our body organs get relief for sometime to get itself healed. As our body organs work for 24 hours due to unhealthy eating habits. Thus, they don’t get proper rest for detoxification. During fasting all our body organs thanks us.
To fasten the detoxification process during fasting, we can have fruits/vegetable juices and different healthy smoothies. Fruits and vegetables work very gently to detox our body.

Detox Drinks
Ash gourd juice– Ash gourd or water melon juice is considered best to detox our body. To make ash gourd juice, you need to peel its skin and use its inner part for making its juice. It is a natural cleanser, which cleanses our organs in a very natural way.
Coconut water– We all are well known to the benefits of coconut water. It is rich in Potassium, which is helpful in flushing out excess water from our body. It is also very beneficial for better digestion and prevents constipation.
Drink more water– We should have 1-2 glasses of warm water as first thing in the morning. This routine will boost your metabolism at a high rate. In the morning human body is at the stage of self-cleansing which leads to removal of toxins. As drinking water in the morning will effectively increase the cleansing of body.
Other detox drinks– Different vegetables, fruits & herbs juices can be a good composition. We can use different flavours according to availability and choice. These combinations can be:
Mint – cucumber
Lemon – ginger
Orange – lemon
Beetroot – turmeric
Sugarcane – mint – lemon and many more.

All these are good source of minerals and essential nutrients for detoxification. Each item from these have special ability to flush out the toxins out of the body.
Get proper sleep– While sleeping our body begins the cleansing process after digestion. So, as we have enough sleep, we get more time for cleansing. This time can be managed by having dinner earlier.
Exercise & Yoga

Not only our liver and kidneys need detoxification but our lungs and skin too. By doing exercise and yoga we sweat more and our respiratory system work more efficiently. This leads to removal of toxic material through skin pores in the form of sweat and CO2 while breathing.