What is Backlinking ?

What is Backlinking ?
what is backlinking

Before proceeding to effective backlinking, let us go through the backlinking process. Here is brief introduction about what is backlinking and why do we do it??

What is Backlinking?

The process of adding links of your website to another websites is known as backlinking. Backlinks are the links of your website, placed on other website. So, Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website and to have these links is known as Backlinking.

Why do Backlinking?

For SEO, so a very simple answer is for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Backlinks to your site have great impact on SEO of website. To achieve a higher google rank one must spend good time with backlinks, because the number of backlinks shows the popularity of website.


How to Backlinking?

Put your website link to other website pages as a mean of reference, support, contact, advertise etc. e.g. post an article on on other website and put the link of your website in reference section or post link when it needs something to show from your website.

There are some effective steps for do backlinkng that I will discuss in another post.