Twitter Elon Musk Timeline Twitter Might Charge 8 Monthly for a Blue Check Mark

Twitter Elon Musk Timeline Twitter Might Charge 8 Monthly for a Blue Check Mark

Elon Musk, the company’s new CEO and owner, is making his mark on the significant social network.

On Oct. 27, Musk purchased Twitter, and the billionaire didn’t waste any time modifying the website. With Musk in charge, a lot has happened, from sacking executives to suggesting a new content moderation committee.

However, before Musk took charge, Twitter’s saga was chaotic. In April, the parties reached an agreement for him to purchase the business, but when Musk later tried to back out, Twitter sued him. The SpaceX and Tesla founder ultimately completed his acquisition of the business just in time to avoid a deadline that would have required him to square off against Twitter in court after months of ugly pre-trial disputes.

Musk, who has more than 112 million Twitter followers, posted “The bird is liberated” the evening he finished his $44 billion acquisition.

Musk recommends charging for verification on November 1st

Musk suggested in a series of tweets that Twitter add a $8 monthly fee for a verified blue check mark to its subscription plan. Verification is not a benefit of the company’s subscription service, Twitter Blue, which costs $5 per month.

The blue check mark badge, which Twitter presently does not charge for, is meant to be awarded to accounts that the company judges to be “notable, legitimate, and active.” The blue check mark is intended to make it easier for users to tell whether or not a celebrity, journalist, or other famous figure’s account is real.

According to a tweet from Musk, the cost will vary by location and the subscription will provide users “priority in answers, mentions & search, which is vital to beat spam/scam,” as well as the “ability to submit extended video & audio.” Users would see “half as many adverts,” he added.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in the day that readers of Twitter Blue will no longer have access to ad-free content from Vox, the Los Angeles Times, and Insider. There have been a number of varying stories on the cost of a Twitter Blue subscription, and the business reportedly explored raising the cost to $20 per month.

From Musk’s tweets, it’s unclear if verified users would be required to pay for a membership or would lose their blue check mark. According to Musk, public people would have “a secondary tag” similar to the one currently applied to lawmakers.

Sarah Personette, the business’s chief customer officer, also disclosed her resignation on Friday in a tweet.

hello there, I wanted to let you know that I left Twitter on Friday, and last night my work access was formally terminated.

November 1, 2022 — Sarah Personette (@SEP)

Twitter reported that since Saturday, 1,500 accounts have been deleted for publishing offensive information.

Oct. 31: Limited content moderation, dissolution of the board, plans for layoffs, official CEO

Musk revealed that he is the company’s CEO in a securities filing, days after referring to himself as “Chief Twit” on his Twitter profile. There are also ongoing adjustments to Twitter’s executive team. According to a separate securities filing, Twitter’s board of directors was disbanded the day Musk took charge, designating Musk as the business’s “single director.”

According to The Washington Post’s unidentified sources, he also intends to fire 25% of Twitter’s staff.

It’s still unclear whether Musk would carry out his previous promise to lift former US President Donald Trump’s indefinite suspension from Twitter. Following the tragic riot on US Capitol Hill in 2021, Twitter banned Trump for worries that his comments would spark more bloodshed.

“Twitter would be flush with cash if I received a $1 for every time someone asked me if Trump was returning to this platform!” Tweeted by Musk.

In order to limit their capacity to control material and combat misinformation ahead of next week’s US elections, Twitter has restricted some Trust and Safety employees’ access to internal tools, according to a Bloomberg report. They can still, it seems, modify or delete posts that might be harmful in the real world.

“This is precisely what we (or any organisation) should be doing to lessen the likelihood of insider risk while going through a corporate transition. We continue to enforce our policies broadly, “Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, Yoel Roth, tweeted in reaction to the Bloomberg article.

Oct. 30: Musk plays with changing checkmarks and reviving Vine and tweets false information

Musk has been busy making Twitter alter. He posted a poll on Twitter asking users if Twitter should relaunch Vine, a platform for short videos that the company discontinued in 2017.

Bring back vine?

Elon Musk, October 31, 2022 (@elonmusk)

The Verge reported, citing unnamed sources, that Twitter also intends to charge $20 per month for its Twitter Blue membership service, and verified users would lose their blue checkmark if they didn’t do so in 90 days. According to Casey Newton of Platformer, Twitter is considering charging verified users $5 a month in order to maintain their blue checkmarks.

A link to an article containing a bogus conspiracy theory regarding the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, last week in San Francisco was also tweeted by Musk before being deleted. The Santa Monica Observer is the website from where the article was taken. The right-wing misinformation is published by the source, according to the fact-checking website Media Bias/Fact Check.

On October 29, Twitter battled a rise in racial epithets.

Hours after Musk assumed control of Twitter, anonymous accounts started tweeting racial epithets, which Twitter is attempting to stop.

The business has “seen a small number of users post a tonne of tweets that include slurs and other discriminatory phrases,” according to Yoel Roth, head of safety and integrity at Twitter. More than 50,000 tweets that used the same insult repeatedly came from just 300 accounts, the author said.

“First and foremost, Twitter’s rules remain unchanged. Hateful behaviour is not permitted here. And we’re taking action to thwart a coordinated campaign to deceive people into believing we’ve, “Tweeted he.

Let’s spend a moment discussing epithets, offensive behaviour, and trolling campaigns.

First and foremost, Twitter’s rules remain unchanged. Hateful behaviour is not permitted here. And we’re taking action to thwart a coordinated campaign to lead people to believe that we have.

Twitter will create a content moderation council on October 28.

Concerning Musk’s authority over Twitter, advocacy groups have expressed worries about the spread of hate speech and false information. Even while Musk has openly stated that he doesn’t want Twitter to turn into a “free-for-all hellscape,” he has also stated that he is “against censorship that goes well beyond the law.”

A content monitoring council with “widely different opinions” would be formed, according to Musk. Before the council meets, the business won’t make any significant content choices or account reinstatements, he said.

A content moderation council with a wide range of perspectives will be created by Twitter.

Before that council meets, no significant content decisions or account reinstatements will be place.

– Elon Musk, 28 October 2022 (@elonmusk).

Additionally, the shares of Twitter is being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, according to a regulatory filing made on October 28. Formerly a publicly traded firm, Twitter is now private.

Oct. 27: Musk takes control of Twitter and dismisses employees

As the new owner of Twitter, Musk reportedly fired several high-ranking employees, including Parag Agrawal, the CEO, Ned Segal, the CFO, and Vijaya Gadde, the head of legal policy, trust, and safety at Twitter.

Musk tweeted a letter to advertisers earlier in the day. Advertising, when done correctly, can thrill, entertain, and instruct you, according to the billionaire who previously tweeted that he detested it.

Elon Musk, October 27, 2022 (@elonmusk).

Before word of the deal’s completion spread, Musk spoke with staff members throughout the week, brought a sink into Twitter’s offices for a photo op, and renamed his profile to “Chief Twit.”