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Top 5 Benefits of Beyond Meat

In this modern time when there is a lot of attention given to food, socially and personal health that we are bombarded with a lot choices of what we should eat and what we should avoid to eat. All of a sudden there is a splurge of food connoisseurs specializing in different culinary genres.

One of those culinary genres is plant based meat products. They are actually vegetables and plants combined to look and taste like meat. A lot of vegans and vegetarians are very happy with this movement. Majority of us are still embracing the idea of shifting from the norm to the new and healthier food alternatives.

So here are the Top 5 Benefits why we should eat Beyond Meat plant based meat products!

  1. Ingredients to make these plant based meat products are plant based proteins like peas and fava beans, vegetable oils like canola, coconut, sunflower, minerals from salt, apple extract and beat root extract for flavors and carbohydrates from potatoes. All of these in every plant based meat you eat!
  2. Improving your health. Since you are actually eating vegetables and plants, they help improve your health with lower cholesterol, avoiding uric acids and fatty acids and even improving skin health!
  3. Positive impact to the environment. Using less water, less land, less energy and emitting less greenhouse gasses.  Surely Mother Earth will be super happy with this impact of beyond meat!
  4. Through vegetable farming, we also address food supplies worldwide. Cultivating and planting plants and vegetables are available to most household backyard at the very least.
  5. Beyond Meat plant based meat products are Non-GMO, gluten and soy free!


With the benefits presented above, it is about time to try something new!  A better and healthier food alternative that all of us can try and enjoy!

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