Super Pups Comic by PetDrifts - Review

Super Pups Comic by PetDrifts - Review

I recently had the pleasure of reading a unique and captivating comic newsletter named “Super Pups – PetDrifts” that features a talented dog using machine learning to solve problems in the city. Amazing and creative storyline by these folks, the pet name was “Techno”. It was a nerd “Great Dane”.

What Attracted Me

One of the aspects of the story that really struck a chord with me was how relatable and endearing the dog’s character was. Despite being highly skilled in complex technical concepts, the dog remained humble and always put the needs of the city first. I found myself rooting for this lovable protagonist as they tackled each challenge with determination and ingenuity.

The use of advanced technology in the story was also fascinating. I appreciated how the comic showcased the practical applications of machine learning and other technological advancements, making it accessible and easy to understand for readers of all backgrounds.

What could be improved

The stunning artwork in the comic really set that apart from other comics. The illustrations were incredibly, they seemed like based on surrealism, bringing the world of the story to life in a way that felt tangible. Although, I was mesmerized by the dynamic and vibrant world that the comic created, it could be improved more to add more context to the scenes and that would have created an another layer of depth and excitement to the story.

Glimpse of Story Line

In the beginning scene

“Where are Super Pups?” – Paw TV News

Citizens are going crazy with the foul smell

During Techno trying to solve problem
“I bet it’s work of that nefarious, Bob The Smasher.” 

Doing his machine learning magic

Click Clak, Tip Tap, Ping Pang, Thump Thomp 

Techno decides to create something that he is good at. He uses his machine learning knowledge and makes many Smart Garbage Trucks

A Line from Ending
Techno captures all the henchmen but Bob the smasher got way this time


Overall, I would highly recommend this comic newsletter to anyone who enjoys a good story with a twist of technology. It’s a captivating and heartwarming tale that showcases the power of teamwork, resourcefulness, and innovation. I can’t wait to see what adventures the dog and their team will embark on next, and I look forward to following this exciting storyline. This is the link to subscribe their newsletter for upcoming chapters, and yes its a free online comic:

All the best for next chapter of Super Pups !!