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Experience of Working with Khalsa Labs

What can I say? This was one of the best things that happened in my profession. My journey began like most of other reputed blogger’s began but with a different kind of flair. I was a university student-which still am who was at the risk of dropping out due to fees payment challenges. My mum could only manage to pay half or three-quarter the amount and the rest left to fate. I had great passion for studies and figured out if I don’t find a way to find the rest of my fees career, my life as a scholar could be hanging on the balance any minute.

When I was Striving for Online Jobs

I went to the school library to try and do research on an assignment I had but when I reached there, I was unable to do anything on the same. I just leaned on my chair and took-out my smartphone. I tapped on a Firefox browser and the next thing I saw were google ads reading “how to make money online”. I knew most of these sites advertised there were scams but I had to give it a shot. After all, I had nothing to lose, I had sworn not to get tempted to click on any URL in the pitch. I opened a new tab and types “legit ways to make money as a student online”. After few mini-seconds, google brought forth a search engine result page with many sites listed there. I clicked on the most ranked one and I read the blog from top to bottom. Among the most interesting and easy ways I saw there was writing.

That’s How I Secured My Blogging Skills

My attention was drawn to web-content and blogging. These were to good shots I was willing to take despite knowing little about them. I saw in the blog that one can get clients from different freelancing sites or even social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. At the moment I had a Facebook app in my phone so I logged in to my account and went to the jobs platform. I filtered the search with specifications of a blogger jobs from different countries and I landed to many potential clients. Most of the time, I used Facebook to post photos of my friends and I hanging out or even funny memes but now I got a new direction. I had a motive to get a solid lead which could help me cater for my fees problems. After few days, I had already sent my application to different clients and luckily, I got an internship opportunity for two month in a company in Egypt. They trained me as I worked for them. I had great passion for this and my mind captured every point and every skill taught without letting go. With these basic blogging skills, I was at least ready to go.

How My Journey Start at Khalsa Labs

I went back to Facebook search and I saw an ad from Khalsa Labs. They needed a fresher blogger and this was my call. I sent my application and after few days, I got a response from their Chief Editor, who is also the Founder-Mr.Harmandeep Singh. He was the most accommodating person I saw then. He was polite to me despite knowing me not. I was completely honest with him about my situation, the level of my skill and I also proposed a deal. I requested a mini-scholarship deal whereby I would be writing blogs for the newly established website and he could be sending me a payment and an extra amount on top to help me pay my fees. For others, this could be too much to ask considering my position but I decided to do it anyway. Surprisingly, my proposal was laid before the Khalsa Labs team and they approved it. At this time we would communicate through Facebook messenger and WhatsApp with Mr.Harmandeep. He also told me that he would train me to write better every single day as far as I had an open mind and was willing to pay an extra cost of nothing but my attention and perform well in my studies. This was when I got a real purpose and goal in life.

Finally, I Utilize Blogging Skills for Khalsa Labs

We started by simple topics which he suggested. I could do my research on different search engine on each topic and come up with my own original content for the blogs. I could also use our school library as a reliable source on different topics. Mr.Harmandeep encouraged me to find some free online courses on writing and blogging. He recommended some good sites where I did my studies on blogging and content writing. He later sent me some attachment full of everything I needed to learn on being a better writer. He sent me a full course on Plagiarism and Search Engine Optimisation. The team also created a WhatsApp group where we could discuss different topics and way-forwards of the website.

Here is What I Gained – My School Fee along Prestigious Moment of My Life

Khalsa Labs became more of a home than a site. My articles became better and better every day with the help of Mr.Harmandeep and other editor’s modifications. He used to publish them in Instagram page, LinkedIn and even Facebook. My opinions were made global. I remember the first time I received my first payment, I was so proud of myself. I was able to assist my mum in paying my fees and this was more than he could ask for from his son. I was becoming responsible all because of Khalsa Labs. I intimidated my friends to visit to see my blogs and articles. Sometime later, Mr.Harmandeep introduced me to video-blogging. He taught me how to make short videos with words. He was determined to make sure I had understood and I became a responsible young man. He also encouraged me to look for new clients to add to my income. Out of many other application through Facebook and other freelancing sites, I secure other clients. In the process, I could still work for Khalsa Labs delivering my blogs as usual. I sharpened my skills and now am quite an excellent web-content writer, article writer and a blogger.Now, I have secure long-term clients from all over the world and am still open to new opportunity.

Khalsa Labs opened my curiosity and triggered the dynamic and professional Writer inside me. Surely, it’s a place for curious mind.