How to construct a LinkedIn poll for fast, worthwhile participation

How to construct a LinkedIn poll for fast, worthwhile participation

The best social media platform for working professionals to build their brands is undoubtedly LinkedIn. However, there are better — and much more effective — ways to generate engagement inside the platform. Posts, shares, and updates can help establish a presence.

One of the best ways to interact with both present and potential members of your online community is by creating a LinkedIn poll.

Before you say, “That’s too much labour,” consider this little-known fact: Actually, creating and maintaining a poll requires less mental effort than selecting the ideal content for both you and your audience. When you push “Publish,” the stress of it all is gone, and the procedure just takes a few minutes (particularly once you become adept).

Additionally, polls demonstrate that you (or your business) are interested in the views and input of the general public in addition to being a quick way to get your queries addressed. In light of this, here is a step-by-step tutorial for creating a LinkedIn post on both a computer and a mobile device.

As you construct and share your first LinkedIn Poll, bear the following points in mind.

Use hashtags to assist your poll draw participants from the relevant demographics and industries. The better, the more specific. Use #workfromhome, for instance, if your inquiry is about working from home.

More is less: Because polls can only contain 140 characters, keep them succinct. Save wordy updates for an official post.

This is possibly the most crucial information to understand before developing your quiz. Proofread before publishing. You are unable to alter your poll once it has been published. After publishing, if you discover a mistake, you must totally erase the post and then repost it.

How to make and post a poll on LinkedIn

  • Open a new thread. :- Choose “Start a post” from the menu at the top of your profile. Both a personal account and a business account go through the same process.
  • Then select “Create a Poll.” :- There is a list of other options below the area where you would typically compose a post. Choose “Create a poll,” the last item on the list.
  • Change poll information :- From here, you have control over the poll’s questions, the number of answers you wish to provide respondents (up to four), and its length. You only have 140 characters to ask a question and 30 characters to describe each of your options. You can also choose how long you want your poll to be live, from one day to two weeks.
  • Gather and evaluate data :- When the poll is finished, the results will be visible to you and your network on the original post. You will be able to see who voted and what they voted for as the person who created the poll, but only the numerical data will be shown to other people when they view the results.
  • Now that the information is available, you can investigate it. For instance, if you asked people if they would be willing to come back to the office, you can get in touch with those who responded negatively and politely ask them why. There are many ways polls can be helpful, so be innovative and use the outcomes to expand your network and career.


Can I run many LinkedIn polls simultaneously?

You can run more than one poll at once, whether you’re posting from a personal page or an organization’s. To prevent overload on your network and yourself, we advise only operating a handful at once.

Who can see my vote in the LinkedIn poll?

Your vote will be visible to the poll’s creator and the page administrator. In other words, they are aware of your vote. Not all Group admins for LinkedIn Groups will be able to see your vote. While admins and writers are typically the only ones who can see your vote, there is no guarantee that they won’t disclose it to others. If you are concerned that your vote will spark office conflict, vote cautiously.