Google is making it more convenient to disable targeted advertisements.

Google is making it more convenient to disable targeted advertisements.

Google said Thursday that it has begun rolling out My Ad Center, which allows users to disable targeted advertising while still using applications like Maps, Search, and Google Assistant.

My Ad Center, which was revealed at Google I/O earlier this year, is a new location where consumers can select the sorts of advertising they encounter. They may access My Ad Center by tapping or clicking on the three little dots next to an ad in YouTube, Search, or Discover. People can provide input on the ad, such as whether they want to see more or less of it, or if they don’t want to view specific commercials at all.

YouTube displays advertisements to viewers depending on their viewing history. People may disable targeted adverts on YouTube in My Ad Center without altering video recommendations.

“You may choose which aspects of your Google activity are utilised to display you advertising without affecting your experience with the functionality of the product,” said Jerry Dischler, vice president and general manager of Google ads, in a news release.

Google did not immediately react to a comment request.

Google giving customers more ad control is a significant move for a firm that relies on advertising as its primary source of revenue. According to a research, trust in Big Tech has reached an all-time low. Project Nightingale, in which Google obtained millions of Americans’ sensitive health data, and Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica debacle have made the public distrustful of large tech businesses. Apple has placed other internet businesses on the defensive by making privacy a primary talking point for its products. Google claimed new privacy and security features at its Pixel 7 presentation earlier this year.

“We want to continue ensuring that advertising respect people’s privacy; and give transparency, choice, and control,” Dischler added. “We believe that these concepts are fundamental to the future of advertising.”

Changes to My Ad Center are tied to a person’s Google account, so changes made on YouTube will also be reflected in Search, Assistant, and Discover.