Facts About Human Bodies You Should Know

Facts About Human Bodies You Should Know
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The human body and its mechanism is one among the wonders of the universe. I am going to share some facts about human body that you should know.


In addition, as many says, there is more than meets the eye. This exactly applies to our bodies. I will discuss some of the breath-taking facts about our bodies and I know they will blow and trigger your curiosity to know more.


I will commence with the Fingerprints. There are different facts about our prints that are completely unique and interested.

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First, our fingerprints are totally one in the universe for everyone even for the identical twins aren’t the same. This is probably why the detectives or rather other crime investigative units, are usually very keen with taking the prints present in crime scenes since it’s the simplest method to identify and pin-point suspects. Other facts about our fingerprints are that they allow our skins to stretch with much ease and protect it from damage and getting blisters. They also improve our sense of touch.

Cooler Gender

Secondly, I am going to dig deep and into gender/sex differences and facts as well. People usually wonder why women seem cooler than men. It was later realized that females have a higher concentration of body fat and conserves more heat around the core. Also, men have a higher threshold for cold than women.

Food Consumption

The other interesting fact is that an average human can consume approximately 35.5 tons of food and other related substances for their entire life span, this being just an insignificant fraction compared to that consume by other species like elephants.


A human body makes an estimate 21000 breaths per 24 hours and 3,360,000 breaths per week. This seems literary a hard thing to do but in real sense, one doesn’t even notice as one do it and everyone does it for survival.

Blood Travel

The human blood is totally important in the body for it to function. The air that is essential as well as nutrients are transported throughout the body by the blood. From the heart, sometimes via the lungs for it to be oxygenated it’s pumped in pulses. People are always aware about the pulses and all sorts of thing involving the pumping of the heart but what they really don’t know is the total distance the molecules of blood travel in one day throughout the body. It travels the distance of 19,312 kilometres. This is quite amazing, isn’t it?

The above are just but a few mind-blowing facts about our bodies including that there are 25 more blood groups than the ones that we normally know. Our bodies are amazing and more facts about our bodies won’t cease to be discovered dusk after dawn.