Disney escorting the people to a wireless Future

Disney escorting the people to a wireless Future

The researchers at Disney created a room that could charge anything in the room with harnessing magnetic fields produced in the room. without the need of any wires or charging pads, the invention just feel like literally magic.

The people who gave us Micky Mouse, pooh, Cars, Princesses and many other forever living characters is now going to contribute in a wireless future, means to say wires would become a thing of past in the coming decade because of the latest invention of Disney researchers.

Disney's wireless charging room

Disney researchers explained that all it takes is a room completely covered with aluminum and a copper pipe that runs from the floor to the ceiling.

“This new innovative method will make it possible for electrical power to become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi,” Alanson Sample, associate lab director and principal research scientist at Disney Research, told Phys.org. “This, in turn, could enable new applications for robots and other small mobile devices by eliminating the need to replace batteries and wires for charging.”