Different Types of Tornados - F5 Tornado

Vertically rotating air which one end is touching the ground and other is toward the sky is usually known as Tornado. Mostly tornadoes are funnel shaped air storms. Tornadoes are also called twisters and cyclones.

The USA has more tornadoes than any other country in the world, averaging around 1200 a year. “Tornado Alley” is an area in central USA which is frequently hit by tornadoes.

Tornadoes can be detected before or as they occur through the use of Pulse-Doppler radar by recognizing patterns in velocity and reflectivity data.

f5 tornado canada 300x225 Introduction to Tornado

Tornadoes are classified into 6 types as per their speed.


1. F0

SPEED = 65-85 mph

2. F1

SPEED = 86-110 mph

3. F2

SPEED = 111-135 mph
DAMAGE: Moderate

4. F3

SPEED = 136-165 mph

5. F4

SPEED = 166-200 mph
DAMAGE: Very High

6. F5

SPEED = more than 200 mph
DAMAGE: Very High


F5 tornado is such powerfull that it can deform large skyscrapers also.