Khalsa Labs had been started as a fork of a technology blog and was named as Screwdesk. Screwdesk was maintained by Sukhmeet Singh and Harmandeep Singh in 2012.With a unique mission of spreading science and technology awareness and lifting up technical talent from Punjab, Khalsa Labs started its first campaign in 2013 with a team of three.

Kulwant Singh Dhillon designed the logo of Khalsa Labs. Harmandeep Singh maintained the blog, with responsibility of Facebook page on Amandeep Kaur.
Contribution at Khalsa Labs was a volunteer activity at beginning, blog was active during its first and second year.
However, Khalsa Labs went down at starting of 2017 for about a month, as it was inactive.

Eventually, the lab started its new campaign in 2018, blog posts and social media is being handled by Arshdeep Kaur and the technical and strategical by Harmandeep Singh in its 2018 campaign. Team is always looking for expansion; is working on designing beneficial packages for new team members.


Khalsa Labs has a vision to lead science and technology awareness in Youth by continuous effort of our blogging team.



Khalsa Labs believes in being transparent and focus on equality. The content on Khalsa Labs has been cited where needed. Khalsa labs will emphasize on transparency by giving viewers the reality of any story.

Team Work:

Khalsa Labs has always been a team and hopes to enlarge the member of its team. Moreover, we believe team work is the key ingredient for success.


Khalsa Labs believe persistence is the one thing that has created revolutions and legacies. Khalsa Labs believes taking in small steps but taking them everyday to achieve the goal.

Harmandeep Singh Azad - Khalsa Labs
Harmandeep Singh Azad

Software developer and founder of Khalsa Labs. Contact me at: harman@khalsalabs.com