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Uses of 41 Megapixel Camera

Lets find what are uses of 41 Megapixel camera. How to use Nokia Lumia 41 Megapixel Camera, Do we really need a 41 megapixel camera?

Nokia recently announced its new windows phone Nokia Lumia 1020. The main feature of Nokia Lumia 1020 is its 41 megapixel camera.
Before we start Megapixel Battle and know the uses of 41 megapixel camera, lets clear out some sort of things that are:

  • More Megapixel camera is not Better Camera always
  • Quality of good photograph not only depends on megapixel
  • More the megapixel, more the image size
  • More the megapixel more possibility of image noise


Lets Calculate the How much Megapixel Camera required for us:

Printed Image Size Image Resolution Camera
4″ x 6″ print 2048 x 1536 3 megapixel camera
8″ x 10″ 3072 x 2048 6 megapixel camera
16″ x 20″ 3264 x 2448 8 megapixel camera


Above sizes are related to most of the smart phone cameras in today’s market, and images of these sizes are best fit for our daily use and daily enough for capture daily life moments. Then why we need 41 megapixel camera which can capture up to 8000 * 5100 pixels resolutions of image. I m here to answer this question , there a lot of uses of such high megapixel camera. Amazing thing is that the more the megapixel , the more you can zoom image after capture.So many jobs needs this quality for their work. Here the list of uses of High Resolution Camera:


Private Detectives uses high megapixel camera and they want it in compact size, I think cellphone with 41 megapixel is good use for them.

Uses of 41 megapixel camera


Travelers uses high quality and lightweight camera

travelers taking photo


Bloggers take photos from their surroundings with good quality

bloggers photos


Press Reporters also needs a good camera as their secondary backup from which they can shoot amazing any time.

press reporters shots


Even the WildLife Photography and some Beginners photographers use good cellphone camera for take their best shots.

You can Compare a digital image taken from high resolution camera with medium megapixel camera by zooming the picture after capturing and you will definitely find the answer for use of high resolution.


Here the picture with Nokia Lumia 1020 camera from ign blog.  click on image to view full


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