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Remove extra Mac files from pendrive with python

When copy files from mac to desktop a bunch of hidden files are generated in pendrive. you can easily remove extra Mac files from pendrive with python script. a little script is good enough to clean your pendrive/removable drive from extra Mac files.

Actually these are the files generated by Macintosh Operating System that are exists hidden and has same name starting from ‘._’ as original files. When you copy any file from mac to your pendrive, these files are copied with original files.

Here is a little Python script to remove extra mac files from Pendrive :

import os, shutil

path = raw_input("Enter your Pendrive path. e.g I:, j: ")
path = path + "\"

def remove_known_files(path):
    known_files = ['.DS_Store','.TemporaryItems','.fseventsd','.Spotlight-V100','.Trashes']
    new_known_files = []
    files = os.listdir(path)
    for f in files:
       if f.startswith("._") or f in known_files:
    for f in new_known_files:
           if os.path.isdir(path+f):
           print "can't remove", path+f

def remove_mac_files(file_path, file_list):
    real_files = []
    temp_files = []
    # Filter real and fake files
    for f in file_list:
       if f.startswith('._'):

    # match real and fake file names and delete matched
    for name in real_files:
       if name in temp_files:

drive_files = os.walk(path)

for dir_path, dirs, files in drive_files:
    file_list = os.listdir((dir_path))
    remove_mac_files(dir_path, file_list)

Above python script based on Python 2.7 (python 2.x) . you can download it from here

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