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NVIDIA Kepler Mobile Chip’s Power

By Explaining the NVIDIA Kepler Mobile Chip’s Power , Company takes the Mobile Gaming Generation’s forward.Company Compares the Mobile device Graphic Power with Consoles like Playstation 3. Amazing thing is Company’s CEO is promising about to put this technology in Devices soon.

The company’s chief executive, Jen-Hsun Huang, gave proof of this statement at NVIDIA’s investor meeting earlier this week. The CEO showed off the company’s next-generation mobile chip, known as Kepler Mobile, and claimed that it is capable of delivering the same high quality graphics found in its desktop line of graphics cards. Huang said that thanks to NVIDIA, mobile devices will be able to play high-end PC games such as Battlefield 3.


“We want to get multiple years ahead of the competition. It was worth the sacrifice,” the executive said, according to VentureBeat, noting that NVIDIA made a strategic decision to delay other projects in an effort to move Kepler Mobile forward.

Huang went on to explain that the iPad is capable of games that are “vintage 1999,” while the Kepler Mobile chipset can handle high-dynamic-range lighting and active shadows, features not found in today’s mobile games.

Huang said the company made a strategic decision to delay other priorities in order to move Kepler Mobile forward. He showed in a video the best that a newest generation iPad can do. Then he showed Battlefield 3, a high-end PC game, running on Kepler mobile.


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