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How To Delete Files Without Leaving Trace

Delete files without leaving trace for fool the recovery software toolkits. Delete your secret files without leaving any trace even the recovery softwares are not able to recover your files data .There is two methods for secretly delete the files from your system:

  • Manually Deleting technique
  • Delete files with File Shredder

For your secrecy we explain the both methods, before go through it is good to understand How recovery tool works. Data can be recovered from FAT file systems and NTFS streams after deletion. For bypass the recovery from these tools we can use these methods.

use manual method for small files, for secretly delete large and more files at a time use file shredder


Manually Deleting technique

Manual technique has key point for delete files with overwrite the data. We have to overwrite the data in files before delete the file.Data on any type of file can be overwrite by Hex editor. It makes us to delete files without leaving trace. Follow the steps  for delete files without leaving trace:

file in hex editor

  1. Open File By Hex Editor , (Hex Editor get from [button url=”” size=”small” target=”self”]here[/button])
  2. Select edit > Clear the whole data by select all in Hex editor 
  3. Insert some random words or any text in the data field and save file in hex editor
  4. Close the file and you can rename file for better privacy
  5. Now Delete the File Permanently (Shift + del)



Delete files with File shredder

For multiple delete files without leaving trace you can use the tools for safely delete files , these tools are known as file shredders which replace the data of files before delete them as to make the files unrecoverable. There are many free file shredders , you can download any of them. Follow the steps below to delete files in free file shredder:



  1. Download and install free fileshredder from [button url=”” size=”small” target=”self”]here[/button]
  2. Open File Shredder and select Add files or Add folders
  3. Add files/folders You want to delete without leaving trace
  4. Click on Shred Files Now ,at bottom 


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