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Charge USB devices with Nokia Charger


A Nokia to USB charger converter is a DIY method to charge your USB battery devices . Charge USB devices with Nokia Charger as make a small and cheap Nokia to USB charger converter for only $0.4. Let make it by collect some things from your yard.

Things needed are:

  • USB female connector
  • Nokia charging jack
  • IC7805


The whole things will manage at cost only $0.4.
Now connect these as the +ve output of nokia jack to the 1st pin of Ic7805 and -ve to center pin of 7805 and to 4th pin of usb. The last pin of IC7805 is connect to the 1st pin of usb.

ic 7805 pins

Now your usb is ready for the 5v power supply.The usb pin 2 and 3 are D+ and D- ,should be shorted or left open,logic of D+ D- is explained below:


The pin D+ D- play a vital roll in charging of smart devices like Apple ipod, Motorolla’s mini usb devices like Motorazor, Blackerry mobiles etc.Refer this article for Blackberry usb logic.But for ordinary usb charging devices.these pins should left disconnected.



Now you are ready for a Charge usb devices with Nokia’s charger. Don’t worry it doesn’t harm your any device, as tested on many devices.

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  • AkaalPreet Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh ji..
    Interesting thing.
    suppose i hav made that thing, so i juz wanna know that will it work with samsung galaxy s3??
    let me tell you that i have already lost one adapter, dat was small from original samsung charger but it looked same!

    • Harman says:

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ||
      Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ||
      Yes AkalPreet Singh this circuit gonna work with any usb charging device, you just have to put USB cable in one side and supply the power with your old nokia mobile phone charger. We make this circuit specially for use nokia chargers to charge other gadgets also…
      Sorry it took time to reach you, we were maintaining blog and will try to get back to you soon in future 🙂