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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Engine Introduction – 16 Cylinder Engine

Bugatti Veyron Engine is one of the most powerful car engine in world, such that Bugatti Veyron stood 2nd in row of world’s fastest cars. World’s fastest car Hennessey Venom GT beats Bugatti by only 1.014 km/h.


  • 16 Cylinders
  • 8.0 Liter
  • 736 kW (1,001 HP)
  • 1250 nm @ 2200 rpm
  • Gearbox: 7 Gear DSG
  • Efficiency Class: G




Bugatti Veyron with 16 Cylinder amazing engine achieve Top-Speed of 410 km/h. Acceleration of  0-100 km in only 2.6 sec. Fuel consumption average: 24.9l/100km and average CO2 emission: 596g/km. However the COemission is too much as the vehicle consider as ‘G’ efficiency class. To reduce the risk of injuries in accidents, Bugatti had a Formula 1 safety concept adapted for the Veyron.

Engine produced total of 1000 HP, as the Veyron needs needs only 270-280 HP for a constant speed of 250 km/h. Veyron use ceramic brakes which takes a mere 2.3 seconds to freeze it from 100 km/h speed.

In the Essence,  Bugatti Veyron Engine W16 is a giant and powerful engine which is much more than a normal car need.

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