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BB10 Cascades Animation Easy Tutorial

Here we got the BB10 Cascades Animation Easy Tutorial.

Here is the BB10 Cascades Animation Easy Tutorial. As the blackberry 10 cascade development is very easy to learn, blackberry itself provides many tutorials for that, we are also trying to make ease for beginners at BB10 development. Here the code for animate an image. For learn the animation using cascades UI in easy way. The small lines of code make it easy to feel like developer.

import bb.cascades 1.0

Page {
id: detail
Container {
Label : {
text: qsTr("click on image")
ImageView {
id: imageview
imageSource: "asset:///images/singhs.jpg"
preferredHeight: 300
onTouch: {
animations: [
TranslateTransition {
id: animTest
fromX: 20
fromY: 10
toX: HorizontalAlignment.Center
toY: 300
} ]

In above code,Translate animation is used.. you can use other animations same like this. The other animation supported are:

  • FadeTransition
  • RotateTransition
  • ScaleTransition
  • TranslateTransition
 its all about using animation for BB10
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