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4×40 Watt Quad Audio Amplifier at Home


Make 4×40 Watt Quad Audio Amplifier using TDA7388 at home with amazing sound quality. The TDA7388 is used inside good stereo systems. I used it to make a home theatre system of 160W approximately. This home made amplifier drives 4 speakers separately as it provides 4-Channel output. To achieve a good quality of output you need a good power supply and a proper heat sink for IC because in action, TDA7388 IC is dispensing a lot of heat.



It is the basic test circuit.The very best feature of this IC is that it doesn’t need so many external components, as no any external components are supplied in circuit except small capacitors, which are basically used for filtering input.

To make this circuit more customizable you can also add a bass-treble circuit or any other external equalizer to your amplifier. I used two different bass-treble circuits for my amplifier. I post the circuits for bass-treble control in my other blog post.



a closer look to our Amp…. Don’t forgot to put a solid heat sink with the IC


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